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The Ultimate 2022 Summer Essentials Guide: Travel, Dining, Beauty, Fashion, Cocktails & More

“The new Hyaluron Body Gel formulated with three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and active aloe vera instantly provides multi-layer hydration, promotes skin elasticity and calms the skin with a refreshing, cooling sensation to enhance and prolong a natural, healthy glow. The ultra-lightweight gel quickly absorbs into the skin for instant cooling and moisturizing effects or can be layered under the Body Butter and Body Oil for an extra dose of hydrating comfort.”

Why June Is Actually the Ideal Time to Evaluate Your Skin Care Routine

“Susanne Kaufmann’s latest moisture-boosting mask is more than a refreshing glass of water for your skin — it’s a complete hydration reset, with visible results in as few as 15 minutes. Swiss apple stem cells, red algae, and hyaluronic acid combine to form the highly effective formula, which is safe for all skin types.”

Summer’s Bounty of Beauty Products

“This hyaluronic acid–packed gel-like moisturizer goes on lighter than its creamier counterparts and feels more soothing on sweaty summer skin.”

12 Best Facial Massage Tools for Firming, Toning and Soothing Skin

“This stylish black obsidian face roller has a wooden handle and is mounted in a steel frame that gives it a substantial weight for effectively massaging skin. The robust tool comes in a leather pouch with a silky lining that is luxurious and practical for storage. Our tester noted the chic tool looks much like a piece you’d find in a premium spa, which is reflected in the high-end price. We rolled it across our face after applying products and found they absorbed evenly and efficiently with its massaging help. Our tester saw hydrated skin that felt supple too.”

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4 Chic Mums (and Mums-to-be) Share Their Pregnancy Beauty Routines

“My favourites are Elemis’s Japanese Camellia Body Oil, Mutha’s Body Butter and Susanne Kaufmann’s Stretch Mark Oil. I use them straight out of the bath or shower, so they absorb well into warm skin.”

10 Big Names in Beauty Share Their Skin Secrets

“Hyperacidity in the body can wreak havoc on your body and skin, which is why it’s so important to neutralise the pH of your skin and balance its equilibrium every day. I love to drink our ‘Acid Alkalizing Tea’ or alkaline water first thing when I wake up. For the skin, I brave a cold shower each morning to revive the body and encourage circulation. I swear by our ‘Alkali Salts Deacidifying’ and enjoy an alkali facial cleanse after showering to neutralise the skin, especially when exposed to hard water. I just add a couple of spoonfuls to my basin mixed with warm water and delicately cleanse my face. The alkali salts help to release blocked energy and promote the elimination of toxins and restores balance.”

The Beauty Products This Influencer Buys on Repeat

“For brighter, fresher-looking skin, this is the only product you need. I talk about it all the time and I’m never without a pot. It gently exfoliates to give skin an instant glow – it’s unrivalled.”

9 Blue Light–protecting Products to Keep Skin Safe During Screen Time

“This mist is designed to protect the skin while supporting the body’s natural repair mechanisms. Susanne Kaufmann herself uses the spray after cleansing before jumping into the rest of her skin-care routine. “This way, it can be absorbed directly and protects the skin from negative environmental influences such as air pollution and radiation from digital devices,” she says on her site.“

Give the Dad in Your Life What He Wants & More This Father’s Day

“The Shower/Shampoo Line M is a luxurious 2 in 1-product, specifically developed for men. With its particularly gentle formula, it nourishes both skin and hair.”

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Let’s Make-up: The New Beauty Launches to Have on Your Radar in June 2022

“With an addictive watermelon scent, Susanne Kaufmann’s Hyaluron Body Gel will become your go-to all summer longer. The soothing gel formula has an instant cooling effect to offer relief to dehydrated or overly sun-kissed skin. Calming irritation, it is boosted with hydration hero hyaluronic acid as well as supportive balloon vine extract, gentle aloe vera and menthol.”

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Our Beauty Editor’s Top 9 New Beauty Launches of the Month Make-up, Skincare and Hair Products of the Month

“With summer approaching we've been assessing our holiday suncare routines and we have found the best sun cream, but we've been searching for that product to apply after the shower when skin is still hot but the temperature has dropped. This is what we've been looking for. A super hydrating body gel that calms inflammation and refreshes the skin. Plus it's exactly 100ml so ideal for hand luggage only trips.”

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The Best Luxury Bubble Bath Products to Enhance Your Springtime Soak

“Having gained years of experience from her family's Austrian-based spa and subsequently launching her own product line, Susanne Kaufmann knows what makes an exceptional bathing experience. In this bubble bath, mallow extract aids in the softening and reparation of dry and irritated skin, while lavender helps to relieve anxiety and calm the mind.”

My Skincare Routine: Donna Bartoli

“It all begins with a thorough cleanse. For me, it’s important to freshen up your face first thing and wash away any product reside from the night before. It’s always a gentle gel cleanser like Susanne Kaufmann’s which doesn’t strip my skin. I then follow that with a hydrating toner to replace any lost moisture and to prep my skin.”

Tiktok’s Favourite Sustainable Sheet Masks Are Now Available UK-wide

“While this cleansing gel isn't new, the refillable version is. Each refill container is made from 75% post-consumer material and can be recycled after use. The cleanser, which is popular among beauty lovers, is formulated with natural sugar surfactants to help purify the skin and leave it feeling smooth.”

17 Best Face Sprays and Face Mists to Hydrate, Soothe and Repair Stressed-out Skin

“Best facial mist for protection from blue light.Our skin is touched by blue light almost constantly – from computer screens to mobile phones and televisions, the light emitted can contribute to signs of premature skin ageing. Think pigmentation, fine lines and dullness, as well as weakening the skin barrier. This facial mist is designed to moisturise and soothe the skin, while also protecting against blue light, thanks to hard-working ingredients ectoin, silk extract, butterfly brush flower and Q10.”

Long Weekend Masking Club. Here’s 7 Formulas We Can’t Stop Using

“Rich in coffee and papaya extract, this resurfacing mask transforms dull, congested or lacklustre skin in minutes. The exfoliating properties are quite mild, so it’s safe to use in conjunction with the rest of your skincare routine. Plus, there’s glycerin and shea butter for hydration and skin nourishment.”

20 Low-Waste Beauty Products for a More Eco-Friendly Routine

“Not that you need another reason to love Susanne Kaufmann, but the beloved brand sells large format refills for their most popular products, including the two-in-one shampoo and body wash.”

April’s Best Beauty Buys

“Give Sleeping Beauty a run for her money with Susanne Kaufmann’s clever new night cream. Part of her brand new ‘Age Restorative Line’, made up of three hero products packed full of minerals, trace elements, specialised waters, precious gemstone extracts, and bud extracts sourced from Kaufmann’s hometown in Austria, it works while you sleep to support the skin’s cellular renewal process, protect, and deeply nourish and hydrate. It’s so clever, in fact, that its whizzy formula actually encourages the skin to carry out key processes itself, making it work harder for even more effective long-term results.”

Sarah Brown's Favorite Beauty Products

“This gel cleanser comes in a large glass bottle, so it’s generous in size. It’s one of those products where you never feel like you’re going to run it. It’s luxurious, and it doesn’t strip your skin afterwards. Plus, it smells amazing, it’s refreshing, and it takes off all your makeup. It’s on my counter, and I’m always reaching for it; I look forward to using it every day.”

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Best Pillow Sprays and Oils for a Soothing, Sound Sleep

“Put restful slumber firmly on your agenda with Susanne Kaufmann’s answer to ever elusive sleep. Make your bedroom a sleep haven by spritzing this spray onto your pyjamas and linen. Stress will melt away with the scent of lavender and orange, leaving you feeling calm from head to toe.”

10 Best Cosmetic Bags For Men And Women

“Men’s Body Essentials Kit by Susanne Kaufmann: Susanne is known for her award-winning, natural skincare products that are made using locally sourced, botanical ingredients and the Men's Body Essentials Set offers just that. Designed to be a travel companion or for the gym bag, the set consists of a witch hazel and rosehip hair and body wash, and a gentle, aluminium free deodorant stick that is housed in a limited-edition branded bag.”

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Milia Causes, Treatment And Prevention: How To Get Rid Of Milia

“Harnessing the gentle buffing properties of fruit enzymes to eat away at surface-level dead skin, this peel offers a gentle alternative to stronger exfoliators that might cause irritation to sensitive skin types.”

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37 Gorgeous Mother's Day Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

“Susanne Kaufmann’s bath oil products are some of the prettiest on the market: this oil diffuser, which features her signature floating flora and fauna, is no different.”

Best Luxury Eye Creams For Every Skin Type

“If you're more of a coffee person in the morning, check out Susanne Kaufmann's Eye Rescue Stick, which is one of the best eye creams for tackling puffiness. The green coffee extract reduces swelling around the eyes and jasmine and hawthorn extracts have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects to minimise dark circles.”

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The 12 Best Night Creams For Every Skin Type

“Best Natural Night Cream. Not just a leader in sustainable production, Susanne Kaufmann also crafts some of the most effective plant-based skincare around. This newly launched night cream is one of her best yet: the rich, balmy texture feels instantly soothing, while the generous blend of antioxidant gardenia, soothing oat oil and renewing blueberry extract reflects the holistic sensibility of her Austrian hometown. Rather than manipulate the surface of the skin, it aims to activate its ability to protect, heal and fortify itself, leading to a healthier complexion over time.”

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2021's Best New Sustainable Beauty Products Have Circularity in Mind

“While Susanne Kaufmann’s glass bottles fall into the industry’s aforementioned “counter-worthy” category, the refill system cuts carbon emissions by 69%. Designed with 75% post-consumer material, refill bags can be recycled after use.”

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How to Battle Dry, Dehydrated Limbs by Skincare Extraordinaire Susanne Kaufmann

“Just like skincare for your face, the body needs layers of hydration in the winter to maintain the moisture levels in the skin. With its unique active power, my new Toning Body Serum, used as a body treatment, enhances the detox benefits of an improved dies and the skin-firming effects of regular workouts. Apply to arms, legs and other parts of the body that might need extra care and follow with a rich cream. I like to do this just before bed to hydrate, tighten and firm the skin overnight.”

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Why Susanne Kaufmann's Firming Body Duo Is Worth It

“It almost sounds too good to be true, but this product pair was formulated to firm, tighten, and tone the body in just a month. They don't have to be used together for major results - the serum alone showed a noticeable 13-percent increase in firmness in a 28-day clinical study, while the cream showed 16 percent - but doubling up makes this feel like a full-on spa treatment. The secret sauce in both formulas is the brand's patented Pro Contur complex, a blend of caffeine, tiger grass, and the South American plant boldo to smooth skin, target the breakdown of fat cells, and boost skin metabolism. It also helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps detoxify the body and reduce puffiness. If you're looking to try just one product to start, it's all about your textural preferences: the body serum has a light, airy formula that sinks right into the skin, while the rich cream has a luxurious, emollient finish that'll cocoon the skin for hours.”

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Elle 2021 Green Beauty Star Awards: Refillable

“ELLE’S Top Picks. Know for opulent skin care housed in gorgeous glass bottles, the brand Susanne Kaufmann recognized its packaging was heavy to ship, so it developed lightweight refill jugs, which can reduce carbon footprint by 69%.”

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Packaging, the Beauty Industry's New Arms Race

“One way to minimise the environmental impact of shipping is to use local providers - Austrian-born Susanne Kaufmann sources most of the packaging needed for her eponymous brand from nearby suppliers in Germany, as well as earning further eco cred by using solar power for production. She has also lately started selling refills.”

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Nicola Moulton Rounds up Her Favorite Fragrances and Face Savers

“Susanne Kaufmann Mountain Pine Bath Oil. Second only to a trip to her spa in the Austrian Alps. Susanne Kaufmann’s spirit-lifting, muscle-relaxing bath oil – with a little piece of the Alpine Forest thrown in.’’

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Glowing Skin in Minutes? Done!

“Best for sensitive skin types, Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel. This treatment uses mild fruit acids from apples, kiwis and papayas to slough away dead skin cells gently. Non-abrasive, it works perfectly to restore lost radiance.’’

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The 20 Best Refillable Makeup and Skincare Products

“Beloved by oily and combination skin types, this plant-based face cleanser comes in a glass bottle that can easily be replenished with this refill.”

This Body Oil That Doubles As Statement Decor Is The Ideal Gift For Your Chicest Friend

Yes, you could gift someone an all-inclusive ski vacation to the Alps or the Rockies, complete with hot spring spa days and sweeping views of an evergreen ocean. Or you could just give them the impossibly luxurious bath additive, inspired by the Austrian Alps themselves, and save a few thousand bucks. Steeped in wintry botanicals that do more than just smell bracingly fresh (a Nordic Spruce infusion boosts circulation for example), while the sunny yellow oil and a suspended, floating piece of pine add some woodsy elegance to any tub's edge.

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14 Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fashion Lovers in Your Life

“The last 22 months have seen bedrooms become offices and living rooms morph into move theaters. So why not help a stressed-out friend transform her bathroom into an alpine spa? Formulated to dew-ify skin and unclench miserable muscles, this pine- and spruce-derived bath oil is bottled with real pine sprig, on which she can meditate as the potion modulates her mood. The soothing woodland scent lends new meaning to the term ‘forest bathing.’”

Flaky Shins, Begone: How to Remedy Dry Skin on Your Legs

While Susanne Kaufmann's clever spray is intended to stop that itchy feeling and revive tired legs (it's a godsend for flights, by the way), the fact that it boosts circulation - along with the hydration provided by sunflower and wheat germ oils - makes it the perfect finishing product for the driest of legs. Plus, it's nearly mess-free since it's a spray. No need to get lotion or oil all over your hands, and it's perfect for situations when you need a quick and reliable dose of hydration.

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The Skin Crowd

“Austrian entrepreneur Susanne Kaufmann is bringing her botanical based formulations to the burgeoning market for defense against blue light with a spray that blends silk extract, butterfly brush flower and Q10.”

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Growth Area: In the Small Province of Vorarlberg, 26,000 Businesses Power Austria’s Economy. We Visit Three That Flourish among the Mountain Scenery

“One of the first brands to take natural skincare from the pharmacy to high-end retailers, Susanne Kaufmann now counts 180 stockists and 23 hotel-spa partners in four continents... Since day one, production has taken place in the nearby town of Egg in the solar-powered factory of whey-cosmetics pioneer Ingo Metzler. Here some 2,500 Susanne Kaufmann creams, anti-ageing serums, shampoos, cleansers and conditioners are manufactured daily using a cold-pressed extraction technique.”

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Let's Make-up: The New Beauty Launches to Have on Your Radar in November

“Transform your bath time into a spa-worthy experience with Susanne Kaufmann. The luxurious bath oil takes its inspiration from the founder’s home country and in particular, the Austrian Alps. It combines essential oils that have been sourced from pine and spruce needles. The former is a hydrating anti-inflammatory that works wonders for muscle tension, while Spruce Needle Oil acts as a stress relief. They are also great for the skin, leaving it soft and supple.’’

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Eco-Conscious by Design

“Come for the luxuriously scented, spa-like soak. Stay for the commitment to sustainable production and packaging (like reusable, recyclable glass).”

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Susanne Kaufmann - First Company to Use Alpla's Lightweight Plastic Refill Tech

“Holistic skin and body care brand Susanne Kaufmann has become the first company to use The Simple One, a lightweight plastic refill bottle developed by Austrian packaging group Alpla. The new 250ml refills will debut with three of Susanne Kaufmann’s bestsellers: Cleansing Gel, Hand Soap and Shower Shampoo.”