Witch Hazel Bath

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Witch Hazel Bath

Regular price $70
The Witch Hazel Bath is particularly beneficial to dry and flaky skin.



Rebuilds skin's protective layer

Muscle release

Product Description

The active ingredient derived from the medicinal witch hazel plant helps the skin regain its balance and regulates its oil content. Leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished due to its hydrating and moisturising properties. Skin is gently cared for and soothed.

Skin Type



dehydrated skin
dry skin
irritated skin


skin calming


Made in Austria

No Paraffin or Parabens

Cruelty Free

How to Use

  • Pour 30ml under warm running water to create a luxurious bubble bath.
  • Relax in the warm water for up to 30 minutes and let the nourishing plant extracts soothe your body and senses.

This product contains witch hazel which is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing mothers. Always consult your doctor before using new products while pregnant or nursing.

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Promote the well-being of your skin by pairing this product with our Body Lotion for a nourishing hydration boost. The light lotion is absorbed quickly and gives your skin a soft and velvety feel.
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Body Lotion


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Key Ingredients


Protects against environmental stressors, moisturises and soothes irritation.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.


Yarrow extract contains ample amounts of vitamin A, called natural retinol. It increases enzyme activity and stimulates collagen production.

All Ingredients

Inspiration behind the product

Baths can serve all manner of purposes, from stress relief to relaxation. With the right products, you can create a spa atmosphere at home with just a few steps. The Susanne Kaufmann bath range is an extension of our spa here in Bezau. A little piece of calm you can bring and enjoy in your own home.


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