The Power of Active Ingredients

Susanne Kaufmann has always had a fascination with plants and the natural actives they provide - her belief in their power is a cornerstone of the brand. To ensure we do not lose any of the strength that nature has bestowed, we use cold-press extraction when obtaining the plant oils and compounds. This ensures the best results and care for your skin.

The Importance of Cold-Pressing

Cold-pressing technology is a unique way to extract the very best parts of a plant. It only uses low temperatures and no solvents, which means the plant extracts retain all their potent bioactive properties. It also ensures an optimum particle size so that products are absorbed evenly.

Skin Philosophy

Inspired by the treatments in her spa, Susanne Kaufmann has created a highly effective and natural skincare line. Each product combines the purest, most potent botanical ingredients with cutting edge technology and research. Key to the collection’s ethos is solving skin problems by strengthening the skin’s ability to protect against environmental stress. The result is healthy skin with a beautiful natural glow.

Natural Effectiveness

Knowledge of the healing power of plants has been passed down for generations in the beautiful Bregenzerwald region. The local organic Alpine plants gave Susanne Kaufmann the inspiration for her collection of skincare and body products and their potency is harnessed in each formula. We have developed powerful botanical blends that complement and reinforce the skin for an effective result, even for sensitive skins.