Product Philosophy

When it comes to product development, Susanne and her team do not believe in making compromises. From the sourcing of organic ingredients to Susanne’s dedication to creating only the highest quality, effective skin care products, our focus is on how we can work in harmony with nature, not against it. We search out the latest sustainable technologies to ensure our products meet our own exacting standards before they reach you.


We work with nature to leave as light a footprint as possible on the environment. This is fundamental to everything we do at Susanne Kaufmann. We believe it is important to know how and where our products are made and you are always welcome to visit our production site to see how we do this.

Our Commitment


Susanne Kaufmann has taken a truly modern approach to product development, combining the latest scientific research with powerful natural active ingredients. We use cold-press extraction to obtain the precious plant extracts, a process that ensures each plant oil is obtained without losing any of its original potency. Every product is created by Susanne herself and she still oversees the production process, regularly visiting the factory nearby to ensure the highest standards are always met.

A Dynamic Partner

Susanne Kaufmann has partnered with Ingo Metzler for the brand’s production and manufacturing needs. Metzler is a pioneer in natural and organic production and his plant is located just 15 minutes away from our Bezau headquarters. Every Monday, Susanne runs a tour of the facility where customers can learn about the sustainable production techniques that are the hallmark of the brand.