Susanne Kaufmann Treatments at Liberty London

Our spa treatments are designed to support the skin’s natural functions so it can work at its best, allowing its vitality and beauty to shine. Skin is left restored and rejuvenated, as well as strengthened against environmental pollution.


A highly effective facial tailored to nourish, firm and plump the skin. Starting with a deep, double cleanse using our award-winning Enzyme Exfoliator, the treatment helps you escape the chaos and unwind with a relaxing head massage. Our powerful and best-selling Nutrient Serum is then carefully worked into the skin followed with our Boosting Liquid Mask, an intensive mask treatment developed to detoxify, nourish and brighten for a smoother, more radiant complexion. The mask is worked into the skin using specialised ultrasound application techniques, designed to tone, rejuvenate and reduce inflammation. Skin feels firmer, revitalised and more resilient for both immediate and long-lasting results.

Our Holistic Bespoke Facial Treatment is a customised treatment bespoke to your specific skin needs. Following a gentle enzyme exfoliation, nourishing face mask and dynamic facial massage, this treatment works to deeply cleanse the skin, improve lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation and lift impurities to help restore a clear and balanced complexion. An introduction to holistic beauty with Susanne Kaufmann.

Pollution, lifestyle and even stress can cause a range of different skin issues from congestion to dull looking skin. This facial deeply cleanses the skin following a gentle exfoliating Glow Mask treatment and head massage to invigorate the skin’s blood supply, Hyaluron Serum application to lock in moisture and our Lifting Mask from our Age Preventative Skincare range proven to increase the skin’s moisture levels for improved skin elasticity. Alongside an intensive facial massage, this treatment will improve lymphatic flow, restore calm and rejuvenate the skin for a glowing complexion that radiates from within.

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