Our Promise and Commitment

Our Beliefs

We believe skincare should be holistic and part of a wider approach to wellbeing. It’s no secret that the right combination of exercise, a balanced diet, sleep and an individually tailored skincare regime can deliver significant wellbeing benefits. This is reflected in the skin through a beautifully radiant, glowing complexion. Our expertise in wellness, proven effective treatments, and award-winning face, body and hair products can help you to optimise your lifestyle, both sustainably and holistically.

We see skincare as a means of prevention - natural ingredients to support your skin health combined with regional production and pioneering sustainable manufacturing methods to support the health of the planet.

“Health and beauty are inextricably linked to this holistic approach. Everything is connected: our environment, our mental health and our physical being.”

Founder, Susanne Kaufmann

Our Promise

The connection between skincare and health has been Susanne Kaufmann's guiding principle from the day she founded her skincare brand and this approach has become our promise to you. Naturally effective ingredients, proven skin science and sustainable production, to support your skin and the planet. This philosophy transcends everything we do at Susanne Kaufmann and is imbued in every product we make.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to being a natural, sustainable and effective beauty brand goes much further than just the ingredients we use. It’s not just about banning blacklisted ingredients; it’s about looking at every aspect of our production process and the effect this has on you and the wider world. From the safety and efficacy our products, to our sustainable practices, we have committed to be totally transparent in all we do.

Our commitment includes:

• Locally sourced Alpine ingredients.
• Recyclable glass for the majority of our packaging.
• Using as little plastic as possible in our packaging.
• Reducing our carbon footprint by using regional suppliers close to home.
• The use of solar power for energy self-sufficiency at our production facilities.
• A blanket ban on animal testing for our products - we do not sell in markets where this is required.