Sustainable Packaging

Responsibly sourced, sustainable packaging has been at the heart of Susanne Kaufmann’s brand philosophy from the very beginning, and we follow this ethos as much today as we did when the brand was created.

Our dedication to leaving a lighter footprint on the planet means we have an ongoing commitment to sourcing pioneering sustainable packaging materials. Whether it’s our signature glass bottles, made from recyclable glass sourced in Germany, or our innovative refill system made from post-consumer material (rHDPE), we work hard to ensure that every element of our packaging is sustainable as possible.

"We see it our obligation to use the best sustainable production technologies, packaging components and processes to leave a lighter footprint on our earth."

Founder, Susanne Kaufmann

A Local & Sustainable Focus

We are proud of our Austrian heritage and the beauty of the Bregenzerwald region inspires us in everything we do, from the natural ingredients we source from the surrounding area to the network of local suppliers we use to manufacture our products. All our products are made locally in Austria or Switzerland and our packaging is no different.

We work with local packaging suppliers in Germany to source our signature recycled glass packaging which we use for over 75% of our products, while our secondary packaging and gift boxes are made from recycled materials, 100% recyclable and produced nearby in the Vorarlberg region. This partnership helps not only to support the local economy, it reduces transportation emissions as we don’t need to ship materials from further afield.

Recycling: Sharing Our Sustainability Commitment with You

At Susanne Kaufmann, we believe that we all have a part to play in looking after our planet. Our packaging goes a long way in helping to reduce carbon emissions and waste, however when it comes to recycling, we need to create a partnership between you and us. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Here’s some help on how to responsibly recycle your Susanne Kaufmann empties. Always check with your local council about their individual recycling policy first.

Glass Bottles and Jars 
Our pumps and caps can be recycled in your plastic recycling. For our recycled glass bottles and jars, simply rinse and pop your clean glass in your glass recycling.

Once you’ve used your refill to replenish your glass bottle, our refill can be recycled in your plastic recycling.

Airless Bottles
Our airless bottles are also made from recycled glass. To recycle, remove the cap, pump and vacuum bag from inside the bottle and rinse. These items can call be put in your plastic recycling. The glass container can then be recycled in your glass recycling.

Plastic Bottles
Our sprays, lip balms and other plastic bottles can be recycled in your plastic recycling.

Gently pull the glass pipette out of the rubber casing and put the glass in your glass recycling. The rubber can go in your normal waste bin.

Outer Packaging
Our secondary packaging (boxes, gift boxes, cartons) can go in your paper recycling.