Anti Aging

Anti Aging Line A

Line A by Susanne Kaufmann is an innovation in the area of natural anti aging products. It smoothes and vitalises the skin with organic ingredients and has an immediate effect. Its intensive effect is based on a combination of highly active individual ingredients developed over many years of research.


Pure bioflavonoid stimulates the skin’s own production of collagen. Valuable ectoine protects the cells and has an anti-oxidising effect on free radicals. High-quality silk protein and a fermented flower extract of the white lupin form a natural store of moisture to reduce the formation of wrinkles and give the skin lasting elasticity. The carrier of these isolated plant ingredients is precious, skin-smoothing cuckoo flower seed oil, which makes your skin feel wonderfully silky and smooth.


The effectiveness of Line A has been confirmed in dermatological tests. Visible success can be seen after just a few applications. Wrinkles disappear and folds are reduced, the skin appears refreshed, invigorated and visibly firmer.