Everything You Need to Know about Skincare Part 1

Everything You Need to Know about Skincare Part 1

Discover the secrets behind our products and ingredients.

We explain the most important Beauty issues from A to E.

A is for...


Antioxidants are molecules that work to inhibit the oxidation of other molecules in our body that may over time cause damage to our cells - here at Susanne Kaufmann we try to harness them in a wide range of botanicals. Why not try our Line A products which incorporate antioxidants to help to rejuvenate and regenerate your skin.

Active Ingredients

These are essential in all Susanne Kaufmann skincare products, and responsible for the effective results our products promise. Here at Susanne Kaufmann we're careful with the dosage of active ingredient we use to ensure our skincare achieves the best results for your skin.

Anti Ageing System

The products in this range contain a high concentrate of active ingredients that work against the telling signs of ageing. The patented system repairs cellular damage and regenerates aged-related skin damage to DNA.

Aluminium free

Many deodorants contain harmful aluminium chlorides that disrupt our natural skin cycle. Our deodorant roll ons are free of this ingredient, instead using an active mineral substance to neutralise odour-forming bacteria without closing pores

B is for...

Blemished skin

Susanne Kaufmann's Active Agent Concentrate Clarifying supports the skin by keeping it balanced and without blemishes. Its herbal blend of ribwort, masterwort and lime blossom has an antibacterial, healing and soothing effect.


It's important to learn about the knock-on affects of your skincare. We use sugar surfactants made from renewable raw materials for cleansing. These are completely biodegradable and especially skin tolerant.


Also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, Biotin is non-comedogenic and strengthens skin, hair and nails. It is a key ingredient in our Hair Elixir for a healthy scalp and to improve hair growth.


All our body products were formulated for use in our spa, and they are as carefully developed and effective as our face creams and serums.


"Beauty for me is a positive aura. A harmonious look is beautiful to me, because it is authentic. Beauty is our complete being". Our founder Susanne Kaufmann, on what beauty means to her.

C is for...


Regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce cellulite. Combine with massage and a dedicated skin care regime to prevent the development of further dimples.


We use plant alcohol in our clarifying products, which has an antibacterial effect that doesn't dry out the skin. We recommend clarifying products for large pores and oily skin.


At Susanne Kaufmann we have two cleansers to cater for all skin types. Our Cleansing Milk is perfect for sensitive skin that suffers from dryness, while our gentle Cleansing Gel is suitable for normal skin that is prone to oily areas.

Combination Skin

The key is balance when it comes to caring for combination skin. Our Line F products will moisturise where needed without making your skin more oily.

D is for...


De-hydration is a common issue often caused by varying weather conditions and an unbalanced diet. To combat the problem try our Hyaluron Serum Moisturising, a plant-based serum which supports skin cells in retaining moisture.

Double cleansing

Why double cleanse? Because the Cleansing Milk frees the skin of any surface toxins and make-up while the water based Cleansing Gel removes any dirt deposits from the skin which build up from daily sweat and dust particles.


We believe you should choose skin care products that you can use in more places than just your face, that means the neck and décolleté too.


Detox can be a mysterious term but it really means to abstain or rid the body of toxins and unhealthy substances. This process - whether for your face, skin or body - cleanses your system from impurities.

E is for...


Did you know the skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your face? Give this area some extra TLC with our range of eyecare treatments that target everything from moisture-loss to fine lines - they are the windows to the soul after all.


This pretty and powerful plant features an active ingredient that's used to nourish, smooth and regenerate mature skin. Echinacea activates the skin's own protective functions, and that's why it's a key ingredient in our After Sun Gel Moisturising.


This clever ingredient acts as a "molecular companion" preventing premature cell damage. We've used it in our new Pollution Skin Defence System along with the active ingredient QT40 which encourages the skin to heal and protect itself - perfect for fighting free radicals and other pollutants.

Enzyme Peel

Our Enzyme Peel is one of our best-selling products - we love it because it's very effective but won't harm your skin. The exfoliant contains mild fruit acids which gently remove dead skin. The Enzyme Peel has been specially created to give a deeper exfoliant: it cleanses the skin deep into the epidermis and also has a mild anti-bacterial affect. It's especially suited to blemished or sensitive skin.

Environmental Effects

From pollution to UVA/B rays and blue light from electronic devices, our skin is subjected to so many different environmental effects. That's why we developed our new Pollution Skin Defence System, the product of 15 years of Susanne's expertise. After using it your skin will be renewed and better able to protect itself from all these environmental aggressors.

Beauty from F to S

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