What Eye Care Is Best for Me

What Eye Care Is Best for Me

Our Eye Care 101.

“The eyes are the window to the soul.” Hildegard of Bingen wasn’t mistaken when she said that way back when. After all, a quick look at our eyes can tell someone a lot about how we are feeling and what we are thinking. When we’re tired or stressed, our eyes often give us away – whether we like it or not. They may not be as bright as normal and the area around them may look a little worse for wear. And if we get too much sun or don’t get enough hydration, this may be reflected in wrinkles, rings, or dark shadows around our eyes. But our beauty experts at Susanne Kaufmann are here to help you get that twinkle back in your eye.


Selection. The secret to effective eye care with results you can see in next to no time is choosing the right product. You need to make sure that you match the product to the current condition of your skin and consider what you want the outcome to be. 

So what are the most important ingredients for the area around our eyes?

Well, hydration is key! Natural moisturizers are the best way of hydrating the skin, so look out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil first and foremost. Substances containing lipids (think squalane and vitamin E) give the skin’s barriers in this sensitive area a boost and minimize the effect of fine lines caused by dryness. It’s important to strengthen the collagen structure around the eyes in particular if wrinkles are to be avoided. Ectoine and ubiquinone are extremely effective options here.

The powerful combinations of natural ingredients in eye creams and fluids from Susanne Kaufmann increase the elasticity of delicate skin, while unleashing a soothing effect and reducing puffiness. Extra substances and beneficial oils can be used to nourish the eye area further depending on your skin type. 


Use. We recommend using our eye products in the morning and evening, just after you have cleansed your skin. The way we have formulated the lipid-based ingredients in our eye-care products ensures that they don’t end up seeping into your eyes. So you can go ahead and apply the products all around your eyes. How about using them as a base for your makeup too? If you’re wondering how much to use, we generally say that a pea-sized amount of cream, fluid, or gel is plenty for BOTH eyes. Use your little finger to gently pat the product underneath your eyes, moving from the bridge of your nose to the cheekbone. When applying products to your upper eyelid, a gentle sweeping motion should do the trick. Popping your eye cream or fluid in the fridge will give you a bonus cooling effect.


Here’s some recommendations from our beauty experts: 

For all skin types: Eye Stick Line A

The skin around the eyes has a lot to deal with: Our expressions, the sun’s rays, and constant blue light from our smartphones and computers all have a seriously negative impact on its elasticity. This practical roll-on stick gently massages the eye area, boosting microcirculation and unleashing an immediate cooling effect that leaves your eyes looking wide open and refreshed. Active ingredients like green coffee and hawthorn help quickly get rid of liquid and waste products that have accumulated around the eyes, which will visibly reduce swelling. Jasmine removes dark circles around the eyes and effective antiaging ingredients from the baobab plant have a smoothing effect on wrinkles in the area. The cooling gel is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin refreshed, firm, and moisturized.


Normal and combination skin: Eye Fluid Line F

The exquisite texture of Eye Fluid Line F nourishes, strengthens, and vitalizes the sensitive eye area. The active ingredients are immediately absorbed and leave the skin feeling refreshed. The light fluid is ideal for both normal and combination skin. Highly effective extracts derived from yams increase the elasticity of the skin, while chamomile and witch hazel essences gently soothe the eye area. The botanical hyaluronic acid contained in the aloe vera plant provides long-lasting moisture. The eye area appears fresh and revitalized.


Dry and sensitive skin: Eye Cream Line T

The Eye Cream Line T supplies the sensitive eye area with generous amounts of evening primrose oil and essences of chamomile, sage, and yarrow. This combination of active ingredients improves the elasticity and flexibility of the sensitive skin around the eyes, and also provides lasting moisture. The eye area gets a relaxed and smooth feeling.


Mature skin: Eye Cream Line A

The highly effective Face Fluid from the antiaging Line A is light and penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. The patented active ingredient Urbalys also provides the skin with daily protection against harsh environmental factors and strengthens the skin’s functions. During the natural aging process, the skin loses firmness due to insufficient production of collagen, elastin, and certain skin receptors, which are important components of the connective tissue. The support of the skin structure is lost, resulting in increased laugh lines, expression wrinkles, and gravity wrinkles. Highly regenerative ectoine and precious antioxidants strengthen the sensitive cell membranes, and protect the skin against attacks from free radicals and premature cell aging. Silk proteins and vitamin E provide rich care. A combination of active ingredients, including white lupine, helps to support collagen production and makes the skin supple and firm. Face Fluid Line A is the perfect first step for any antiaging skin care system.


For men: Eye Gel Line M

The Eye Gel Line M gives the eye area a youthful radiance. It helps reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.