Your Winter Skincare Regime

Your Winter Skincare Regime

Read our top tips for protecting your skin during winter.

Sub-zero temperatures and cold wind outside. Cosy warmth inside, but dry heating air: the daily temperature changes are a challenge for our skin. While we protect ourselves with clothes, our skin is exposed to wind and weather. Susanne Kaufmann explains, how we can protect our skin and how our Cold Cream Intensive works.

The cold. When the outside temperature sinks under 8 degrees Celsius, our skin reduces its sebum production and starts to store less moisture – the skin surface gets dry. “Therefore, it is important to feed our skin with moisture in the wintertime. Perfect for this concern are nourishing products, which have a lipid-regulating effect without clogging the pores“, explains Susanne Kaufmann. Especially in winter, cleansing the face in the morning and evening should be done carefully in order to avoid skin blemishes and product residues. During the night, the skin benefits from a pure moisturising care.

Cold Cream. As soon as the temperatures become freezing, one product is on everyone’s lips: The Cold Cream. Following its name, the cream leaves a cold sensation on the skin after applying and creates an additional protective layer on our facial skin. It was developed by a Greek physicist called Galen. 1800 years ago, he mixed water, beeswax, olive oil and rose extracts. In France, the mixture is still available under the name “Cerat de Galien”.

The Cold Cream Intensive by Susanne Kaufman is free from mineral oil substances. We rather count on the ingredients pansy and coneflower, which support the natural regeneration process of the skin. We add nourishing and lipid-regulating substances like beeswax, jojoba, echium and sunflower oil to the Cold Cream. Already by applying the cream once, your skin loses its feeling of tension and dryness. “Use the Cold Cream as a day and night care, especially if you have sensitive skin or if needed apply on dry patches on the skin”, Susanne Kaufman recommends. Our Cold Cream can also be used as a care for the delicate skin of children in order to protect it from the cold and keep it from getting dry. If your skin struggles with couperose, we also recommend the Cold Cream as a daily care.

Tip for the winter: If you use the Cold Cream during winter sports, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. We recommend applying the Cold Cream in a first step and let it absorb into the skin. Afterwards apply the sunscreen.