Guided by Susanne Kaufmann's vast experience in wellbeing and skincare, our high-performance products are produced with the greatest of care, marrying the beneficial properties of Alpine flora with proven skin science. We offer tailored solutions for all skin types, so that you can always look and feel your best.

Line F

Combination skin has enlarged pores and is indicated by an unclean, quickly oil T-zone as well as a dryer area around the cheeks. To properly meet the care demands of this type of skin, the products in our Line F range include regulating sunflower oil and pore refining active plant compounds. They regulate the oil production and ensure a balance amongst the facial zones. The high content of vitamin E promotes the protection of cells.

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Line T

Dry skin has fine pores and is thin. It is prone to an earlier development of wrinkles, redness, inflammations, and eczema. A pronounced feeling of tension provides additional stress. Vitalising rose hip oil and plant-based hyaluronic acid in the products of our Line T range for dry and sensitive skin, support the regeneration of the skin and strengthen its elasticity. The production of collagen is stimulated, and more moisture can be stored.

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Line A

Our Line A range is formulated with a powerful combination of highly active single substances, developed over many years of research. Pure bioflavonoid stimulates the skin's own collagen production and ectoin has an antioxidant-like effect against free radicals that provides effective cell protection. In order to support the skin as effectively as possible in its resistance to external stresses such as air pollution, Susanne Kaufmann has reformulated the range with two particularly effective ingredients: urbalys (an anti-Pollution power agent) and liftiss (a concentration of natural active ingredients that moisturize and smooth fine lines).

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Line M

Men’s skin needs special nourishment and protection. Male skin is naturally more robust and resilient than female skin. But men’s skin is stressed by daily shaving and by exposure to the elements. This interferes with the skin's natural protective functions. As skin is damaged, it becomes dry and irritated. Line M was developed specifically for men's skin to address its needs and make daily skin care quick, easy and efficient. All Line M products contain anti-inflammatory witch-hazel and a hydro-combination of ingredients derived from apples. The natural cell protection factor ecotoine stimulates the regeneration of the skin, thus giving at a strong anti-aging effect.

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The Essence line is an innovative combination of highly effective, completely natural ingredients, traditional healing knowledge and the newest pharmaceutical developments. It is based on the principle of hand-made ointments and tinctures. These are proven tools that have always been used in the Bregenzer Forest and whose holistic effects lead to quick relief. We have collected this valuable knowledge, analysed it scientifically and made it the basis for highly effective, completely natural products. Selected combinations of active ingredients and special production techniques strengthen the intensive healing power of these plants. Precious oils and nurturing elements support the holistic effect.

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