Benefits of a TCM Foot Bath

Benefits of a TCM Foot Bath

Susanne Kaufmann swears by this cleansing ritual. Find out why...

In traditional Chinese medicine, TCM for short, maintaining the health of each individual is the top priority. This means that, in contrast to Western cultures, you go to the doctor in order to stay healthy.

According to TCM, if that doesn’t work, there are two main causes of illness in people: external and internal factors. The first category includes various environmental influences and the different seasons with their heat, cold, dampness, or dry air that get into the body. Your mental state or an imbalance in your emotions can cause tension within the body. Qi, the life force according to TCM, cannot then flow properly.

Susanne Kaufmann has worked in her spa at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann for over 20 years in consultation with Dr. Brigitte Klett, a renowned TCM practitioner from Stuttgart. The philosophy and methods of TCM have a strong influence on the treatments offered in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa.

In order to restore the body’s harmony with yin and yang, the two principles that people carry within them, traditional Chinese medicine relies expressly on gentle, manual therapies. Certain areas of the body, such as the soles of the feet, are not paid much attention in Western medicine. However, there are around 60 acupuncture points there that have an effect on the entire body. According to TCM, a footbath can draw negative energy away from the head, stimulate circulation, and strengthen the energy of the organs throughout the organism.

In order to enhance the effect of the footbath, Susanne Kaufmann has developed Alkali Salt deacidifying. This stimulates the elimination of toxic waste products, restores the pH balance, and supports the skin’s natural protective acid mantle. A whey additive also leaves the skin feeling soft and cared for.

Susanne Kaufmann has used this cleansing ritual for some time, with an Alkali Salt deacidifying footbath as a standard part of the pampering program before every spa treatment. Hotel Post Bezau now provides a footbath with Alkali Salt deacidifying free in every room, so you can perform your own TCM ritual and rid yourself of negative energy whenever you feel like it. For best results, ensure the water is heated to 37°C and bathe your feet for approximately 30 minutes.