Anti-pollution Skincare

Anti-pollution Skincare

How to protect the skin from urban environmental pollution.

City air is known for not being particularly clean. The negative effects on the mucous membranes and lungs are well-known. But smog, particulate matter and other microparticles can also affect the skin and accelerate aging. There is no such thing as a single all-rounder product for anti-pollution protection, but a strict skin care ritual can work wonders. Susanne Kaufmann explains how you can effectively protect your skin against environmental influences in 3 steps.

City air

Fresh country air benefits skin-radiance. There is indeed truth in this.  Breathing in deeply increases the supply of oxygen throughout the body, the metabolism is improved and toxins can be transported faster from the body. But taking a deep breath in the city? Rather not. Recent studies have shown that smog and particulate matter are not only harmful to the respiratory system, but also affect premature skin aging. Organic substances and even heavy metal molecules can adhere to the dirt particles, and so, reach deeper skin layers. There, they react with collagen molecules and can facilitate the formation of free radicals in the cellular metabolism - that is exactly what makes skin age prematurely.

Plant-based power

So what really helps? ""Step number one: cleanse thoroughly. Morning and evening, ""advises Susanne Kaufmann. ""Cleansing does not just simply mean washing face, neck and décolleté with water. A cleansing milk or gel depending on your skin type, removes dirt particles, make-up and sebum from the skin surface without irritating the skin, ""she explains. Finally, a tonic helps to refresh and invigorate the skin and to liberate it from any residues left from the (urban) tap water. A regular gentle enzyme peeling supports the skin during cell renewal. When cleansing the face, Susanne Kaufmann focuses above all on combinations of chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, ribwort and cleansing sugar surfactants.


Step number two: lots of moisture. ""Drinking enough water helps the body to function properly. If we do not drink enough, vessels constrict and we can see that in the truest sense of the word - the complexion turns pale, ""says Susanne Kaufmann. Moisturizing creams, fluids and masks as well as highly concentrated serums help to rebuild the moisture deposits in the skin. Ectoin plays an important role in the cell-protecting skin care products of Susanne Kaufmann The algae-derived active ingredient repairs damaged cells and helps the skin to regain more elasticity. Silk proteins and the purely plant-derived hyaluronic acid obtained from the aloe vera plant ensure that the skin can retain enough moisture. Active ingredients from plantain, masterwort, lime blossom or lupine and valuable vegetable oils strengthen the protective barrier function of the skin.

Sun protection

Step number three: protection from the sun. ""In general, it is advisable to avoid the sun between 12 and 15 o'clock,"" Susanne Kaufmann cautions. The morning care ritual should always include a sunscreen. An SPF 25 or 30 is ideal - if the protection factor is too high, our body cannot produce enough vitamin D. This is especially needed for calcium and phosphate metabolism. It is also important to ensure that the sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays.

In addition to this 3-step program, Susanne Kaufmann will be launching a Pollution Skin Defense System consisting of three serums later this year to better protect the skin against environmental damage, to renew the skin system and to stimulate the body's own repair mechanisms.

We wish you a wonderful start to spring! And if you need a little break from the big city, you can always visit the Hotel Post Bezau and the Susanne Kaufmann Spa in the Bregenzerwald.