3 Essential Ways to Support Your Skin During a Detox

3 Healthy Ways To Detox Your Skin

Discover three products you can count on during a detox to fight blemishes and help your skin glow.

A targeted detox can significantly revive your energy levels, improve your mental wellbeing, and give you a fresh complexion. However, detoxing can be hard on the body and certain side effects may arise.

In this post, founder Susanne Kaufmann reveals her tips for detoxing the right way and the three products she relies on during a detox to cleanse the skin and help it glow.

How a detox works and possible side effects

Our body eliminates toxins via the digestive tract and the detoxification organs. However, if the liver, intestines and kidneys reach their limit, toxins are stored in the fatty tissue and subsequently in body tissue.

During a detox lasting several days, the body will turn to its fat stores for energy. This phase usually happens around the fourth day. The body begins to process fat to use as energy, releasing toxins into the body. The detoxification organs will begin to eliminate these excess toxins - but you may experience side effects during the process.

Whether you are intermittently fasting, reducing your sugar or salt intake, or doing a full detox cleanse, you may begin to feel certain side effects. During this phase, your body is working hard and symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, digestive problems, and blemishes may be noticeable as you go into detox. Now is the time to gently support the body and your skin.

Essential Care for your skin during a detox

If toxins are emitted through the skin, impurities or areas of dry, irritated skin may occur. Susanne relies on these signs to signal the need for basic and gently clarifying care.

Here are the 3 products she relies on during a detox.

Facial cleansing with alkaline water: Mix a small amount (about ½ teaspoon) of our Alkali Salts in a bowl of lukewarm water to deacidify the water, and clean the face, neck, and décolletage with a soft washcloth or cotton pad. Be careful to avoid the delicate eye area.

Purifying Serum: During skin emergencies, Susanne relies on the herbaceous complex contained in our Purifying Serum: including Alpine willow herb, burdock root, and linden flower water, which calms and clarifies the skin without drying out irritated areas.

Purifying Clay Mask: To harmonise the production of sebum during the detox process, and support the deep cleansing of the skin, Susanne uses the Purifying Clay Mask developed with white clay and aloe vera. These two ingredients are decongestants, while also being soothing and antimicrobial. In addition, willow herb and cucumber extract refine the pores. Apply to the skin for no longer than 15 minutes and gently remove with warm water.

Additional ways to support your body during a detox

Skincare that harnesses the power of natural ingredients are best to assist with detoxification; they will be a closer match to your skin’s receptors, allowing the skin to absorb every beneficial ingredient safely and comfortably.

Provide your body with extra support by eating fresh, natural foods that flush out toxins to see the full effects. To encourage further elimination of toxins, make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Try our Detox Tea to stimulate your metabolism for a deep inner cleanse.

For detox juice recipes to help your skin glow from within, read this article.

Detoxing comes with a wide range of benefits but the process can have a strong effect on your body and your skin. Make sure you have the right products on hand to support your body and help your skin glow.

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