What Plants Are Good for My Skin?

What Plants Are Good for My Skin?

Discover the process behind our unique formulations and how we use the power of plants to create effective, natural skincare.

Only plant-based ingredients make their way into the 90 products of Susanne Kaufmann in the form of extracts, essences, powders and oils. The effect of every single one of them is amazing, their secret lies in the use of just a few substances and complementary combinations. How our products are made is a science in itself, based on traditional knowledge about the healing effects of plants and herbs. Combined with the latest scientific findings, this gave rise to our highly efficient skin and body care system, which we manufacture and constantly develop in a small manufactory in the Bregenzerwald.


Plants have been used to heal and care for the skin for millennia. While this initially involved the application of oils or simple tinctures, nowadays complex compositions of effective ingredients made from extracts, essences, powders and oils are used. Our recently expanded production site in the Bregenzerwald now accommodates state-of-the-art technology that allows us to process the valuable ingredients of the plant world into our cosmetics even more carefully and effectively. We mainly use the cold process to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain their maximum effectiveness. This production method also enables us to achieve an optimised particle size and thus a homogeneous distribution of the ingredients on the skin and better absorption into the deeper layers of the skin.


Plant-based oils and waxes play a large role in the development of texture and also supply valuable ingredients. The individual oils can be obtained from the oily fruits or seeds in cold-pressing procedures. These help to regulate the fat and moisture content of the skin and to smooth it. In addition, plant-based waxes are responsible for the pleasant silky texture of our products. Such as jojoba oil, which is actually a wax obtained from the seeds of the jojoba bush. The nuts of the shea tree are used to make the versatile shea butter which we use in the body butter or rose hip oil which is the base for the cleansing milk and our products for dry and sensitive skin.


Essential oils are mainly used in cosmetics for fragrancing. In our products, flower essences and extracts are used, which we obtain in a special high tech process. We use only biotechnologically derived fragrances that are free from allergens and preservatives. Due to their origin from the living cell and their highly complex, protracted and cost-intensive production process, biotechnological products are as unique as the plant itself. The components of these natural scents are made according to the chemical composition of natural essential oils. However, in the production process, all allergen-releasing substances can be omitted.