Skincare Tips for Spring

Skincare Tips for Spring

Our skincare regime recommendations for the Spring season.

Finally spring arrived and the summer is already close. Now it’s time to wake the skin from its winter sleep and prepare it for the spring season.

In general, it is important that the skin is adequately supplied with moisture. The products of Susanne Kaufmann are conscious of the fact that the skin can store sufficient water through high-quality moisturizers.

The freshness boost for skin is best prepared with an Enzyme Peeling. Nourishing essences work revitalizing, cell-regenerating, and anti-inflammatory. The peeling cleanses pores and clarifies the skin without irritating. It draws out impurities, removes dead skin cells and brightens the complexion instantly. It can be used once a week. Lightly apply the peel to the skin and remove it after ten to fifteen minutes using a moist cloth without rubbing.

Afterwards, the plan-based moisturizing Hyaluron Serum should be applied. The highly concentrated serum supports the skin cells in retaining moisture. The perfectly balanced molecular structure of the hyaluronic acids fill the moisture depots of the skin with the maximum amount of moisture both on the surface and deep within the tissue. The lifting effect visibly reduces lines and wrinkles. The skin appears younger, smoother and firmer. Gently apply a few drops in the mornings and evenings before subsequent care to the clean, moist skin of the face, throat and décolletage.

The Moisturizing Mask completes the freshness kick for the skin. Softens small wrinkles by refilling them with moisture. Refreshes the skin and gives a rosy shine. Generously apply to the face and neck after cleansing, allow to penetrate for at least ten minutes, and then remove with a damp cloth. It can be used once or twice a week for a radiant, fresh appearance. The combination of Enzym Peeling and Hyaluron Serum will double the moisturizing effect. The mask can then be massaged into the skin as highly effective night care.