Live Event Highlights: Holiday Collection Unboxing

Live Event Highlights: Holiday Collection Unboxing

Find out more about the Holiday Collection from our latest live event.

Our Founder Susanne was recently joined by Beauty Editor, Shannon Lawlor, to unbox the 2022 Holiday Collection for our first-ever live shopping event. However, if you missed out, don’t worry – as we’ve rounded up all the exciting highlights. From behind-the-scenes details to Susanne’s skincare secrets, discover everything you need to know about our Holiday Collection.

A Slice of Tradition

Susanne: “I remember when I was a little child at Christmas, it was a big tradition in Austria to go under the tree and open everything like crazy: However, my parents always wanted us to unwrap our presents more carefully, as they wanted to keep the ribbon and the paper for the next year. So, this was the inspiration to celebrate Christmas more consciously. Making something you can keep for longer, rather than throwing everything away after the festive period.”

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For Spa-like Moments

Susanne: “I think it’s very important to unwind, de-stress and have this moment in your bathroom. My Home Spa Collection is especially for a spa moment, I recommend using it one step after the other.”

For people suffering from breakouts, Alkali Salts are great when mixed with water in a bowl and then used as a face mask – it helps with acne and skin problems.

“I love to mix the Marigold Body Oil with the Body Butter – I take a little bit of the butter and mix it with a few drops of the oil.”

The Beauty of Bathing

Susanne: “I think we’ve forgotten about this culture of bathing – it’s unwinding, de-stressing and helps the immune system. With such a positive impact on the body and mind, I often give myself the luxury of a bath. Our Bath Trio features our best-sellers, including the Mountain Pine Bath. A very local product as well, the oils come from Tyrol, which is very close to where I live in Bezau.”

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Thoughtful for All

Susanne: “The Invigorating Wash Set is a very gentle, well-smelling shower gel and shampoo. Because for me, if I am in the shower, I love to have one product for my whole body. We use very local oils here, and it’s unisex. The box also has a combination of the original product and the refill – which is made from PCR plastic and is fully recyclable.”

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A Little Luxury

Susanne: “Our Balancing Room Diffuser Deluxe Miniature gives you that special feeling of being at home. A scent for me always has to do with a house, a hotel, or a person, so it’s very important to me. We also wanted to have something local, so I asked my carpenter friend if they could do these little reeds for us – they are always different, so each one is special.”

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Your Season of Skincare

Susanne: “Our Advent Calendar is a selection of my bath and face favourites, and it has four full-size products. We also have an eye duo that I adore the most – the Eye Rescue Serum and Rejuvenating Eye Cream. I love to use them together.”

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Reuse & Enjoy

“My inspiration for the Advent Calendar Refill Set came from my childhood. In Austria, a lot of families have calendars they use every year for their children. It’s just little bags hanging up – and if you have your own advent calendar, you just buy a box and you put the products in every unit.”

Enjoy Our Live Shopping Event

Looking for even more inspiration? You can re-watch our event below, and enjoy all the skincare tips and tricks from our Founder Susanne and Beauty Editor, Shannon Lawlor.

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