How Much Skincare Should I Be Using?

How Much Skincare Should I Be Using?

Here's the lowdown on the right amount of skin-care product.

Perfect! You have found the right skin-care product for your skin. But how much should you actually use to achieve the desired effects? Pea-sized or maybe hazelnut-sized? Quarter-sized? Small blob? We asked our beauty specialists in the Susanne Kaufmann Spa for the ideal “portion size” of skin-products and what the benefits of layering are, i.e. the layered application of products.

Quantity. Sometimes you might squeeze out a little too much; but your neck, décolleté, or hands will enjoy the extra dose of care. But over a longer period of time, an excess amount of care products does not usually lead to the desired effects. “For example, too much cream can leave a film on the skin, leading to heat retention and creating a breeding ground for blemishes,” explains Stephanie Rist, director of the spa concept. To avoid this, here is a short guide. We start with the smallest amounts and increase slowly:

- Eye care (one portion is sufficient for both eye areas)
- Serum

Quarter-sized, or half-dollar-sized if neck and décolleté are included:
• Moisturiser
• Day cream
• Night or regeneration cream
• Face mask

• Scrubs with abrasive particles
• Enzyme peels, in accordance with instructions

• Cleansing gel or cleansing milk

Order. It is not just the quantity, but also the order in which the products are used that has a significant influence on the effectiveness. “Start with the lightest product and wait about two to three minutes between layers,” advises Stephanie Rist. On the cleansed face, a base serum is applied as the first layer. This supplies the skin with intensive active ingredients. This is followed by a special serum, such as one with antiaging effects, or for the treatment of individual skin conditions. The eye care is applied as the third layer. Only in the fourth layer is the day cream or regeneration care used – it seals in the previous layers, making the serums even more effective. If you use a facial oil, apply one to two drops as the fifth layer. Alternatively, mix it with your day cream or regeneration cream. As the final part of your morning routine, the sixth and last layer is a light sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen last, so as not to restrict its effect.

If you have any questions about our products and their application, please send us an e-mail presse(at), or a message via Facebook @susannekaufmannkosmetik or Instagram susannekaufmann_

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