How Hormones Affect My Skin

How Hormones Affect My Skin

How can Susanne Kaufmann products help with your monthly hormone changes.

The hormone levels within our body affect our mood, our sleep pattern, and the condition of our skin. Hormones are biochemical messengers that are produced by special cells in many of our organs before being circulated around the body. Let’s take estrogen as an example. The female sex hormone is predominantly produced by the ovaries as well as by parts of the adrenal cortex (the outer part of the adrenal gland). A number of factors determine how much of the hormone is produced and distributed around the body in the blood, but a woman’s age and where she is at in her menstrual cycle are key. And this second factor has a direct impact on the skin, with blemishes and impurities often appearing at specific points in the cycle. What we need to know to start off with is that a woman’s menstrual cycle begins on the first day of her period.


So menstrual bleeding marks the start of the cycle and this lasts from day 1 to around day 5. As soon as the body begins to get rid of the womb lining that thickened at preceding phases, a woman’s period starts. At this point, the skin can finally start to recover from the luteal phase, meaning that pimples and irritation start to disappear. If the skin is to recover effectively, it needs plenty of moisture and soothing skincare products. We recommend using our Hyaluron Serum to help the skin’s natural processes. Our Moisturizing Mask and Calming Mask can be just the ticket at that stage when all you want to do is stay home and laze around on the couch. You need to make sure that your daily skincare regime is packed with hydration, so consider using our Facial Fluid Line F or Line A.


The second phase in a woman’s monthly cycle is known as the follicular phase (lasting from around day 6 to around day 12). This starts on the first day after a woman’s period has ended. At this stage, the body starts to work hard to prepare for an egg cell to be fertilized. The ovaries produce lots of follicles and the womb lining thickens. The female body needs plenty of estrogen to perform these processes. This is good news for the skin because estrogen stimulates the production of firming elastin and collagen as well as increasing libido. The complexion is left looking and feeling fresh, clear, and even. And there won’t be a pimple in sight! Now’s the time to get those highly potent active ingredients and/or intense facial treatments on the go. The Susanne Kaufmann Glow Mask with caffeine and ginger essences boosts the skin’s beautiful glow during the follicular phase. Or why not give the Intensive Power Serum Line A a go to stimulate collagen production and tone that skin?


The ovulation phase takes place between around day 13 and 18. The follicles that have formed will keep on growing until ovulation finally occurs and an egg is released from the ovaries. Estrogen levels are at an all-time high during these days and the skin is positively glowing. This is another good time to use products containing lots of active ingredients, as they will be absorbed most effectively by the skin at this stage.

Women with dry skin don’t have too much to worry about during this phase. But women with oilier skin may start to notice that their skin is getting even oiler and that blemishes are starting to appear. This is where the Face Gel matte may come in handy, as it will stop too much sebum being produced.


The turning point in the cycle, the luteal phase, begins on day 19. If the released egg has not been fertilized, the estrogen levels in the body gradually drop. This has a negative impact on the skin and mood. Fatigue and sluggishness are common complaints at this point in the cycle. What’s more, progesterone levels are high. This progestogen sex hormone causes the sebaceous glands to produce more oily secretions during this stage of the cycle. Combine this with a slight rise in body temperature and you have the ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can cause blemishes and impurities. The luteal phase lasts until around day 28. Thorough cleansing has to be the most important part of your skincare regime during this phase. Our Cleansing Gel containing ribwort plantain and Oregon grape has antibacterial properties. Combine this with our Face Gel matte, which takes care of shiny patches in the T-zone. You really need to focus on products with antibacterial ingredients if you are going to prevent outbreaks of pimples. What better time to rely on our Active Agent Concentrate clarifying and Healing Earth Mask?


With sex hormone levels in the body having dropped, menstruation will then begin again.