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Susanne Kaufmann Spa Bezau

Step inside the Susanne Kaufmann Spa and discover a tranquil space devoted to beauty, relaxation and nurturing. Our unique complementary philosophy is at the heart of every treatment, from the botanical ingredients we use in our products, to the traditional massage techniques that provide intensive, lasting results.

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A unique concept

From Bezau to Berlin, the Susanne Kaufmann name is recognised as a spa of excellence. We work with leading hotels from around the world to bring guests a unique and memorable experience that is perfectly tuned to the individual offering powerful, holistic treatments with our award-winning natural products.

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Lifestyle and Retreats

Join us and discover our year-round retreats, developed and perfected with the many years of expertise that we have developed at the Susanne Kaufmann Spa and Hotel. We believe that treating the body with a holistic approach is the key to wellbeing and maintaining a healthy balance for our bodies. Our focus is on the person as a whole, rather than the treatment of traditional symptoms, so our guests experience a truly bespoke treatment uniquely tailored to their individual needs.

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