What Is Clean Beauty

What Is Clean Beauty

Discover how Susanne Kaufmann defines clean beauty.

“Responsible, effective, and nontoxic” are three words Susanne Kaufmann uses to describe her own cosmetics line. She is among the pioneers of clean beauty – a movement that has been shaking up the cosmetics industry for a number of years now, proving that it is possible to produce highly effective cosmetic products based on herbal ingredients that are nontoxic. So what exactly does clean beauty involve?

  • As natural as possible without compromising on quality
  • Combinations of biotech active ingredients
  • Perfected formulas
  • Holistic approach to beauty

As Natural as Possible We look at the available research and make decisions about which ingredients we can live with and which we simply cannot. Petrochemicals are the main ones to be aware of, with them having been identified as allergens that can no longer be considered to be harmless. Consumers have also become much more aware of the effect they are having on the environment, meaning that cosmetics based on petroleum products are not going to be of interest to many beauty fans anymore. This is why here at Susanne Kaufmann we rely on traditional active ingredients found in nature, with the best possible quality standards guaranteed, and combine them with the latest research to ensure positive effects for the benefit of the skin and its functions.

Combinations of Biotech Active Ingredients Here at our factory, we combine the latest extraction and production methods with small product batches. By choosing to work in this way, we are able to create products that do not contain parabens, phthalates, silicones, or other nasty active ingredients. Instead, we use their natural equivalents, which often just so happen to be even more effective anyway.

Perfected Formulas Clean beauty is also all about straightforward blends based on scientific formulas that do not involve any harmful effects. Susanne Kaufmann relies primarily on the positive effect of interactions between ingredients that are known for being highly effective within traditional healing practices. Smart combinations allow for the best possible effects to be unleashed.

Holistic Approach to Beauty We originally developed our products for our Susanne Kaufmann Spa. We have been drawing on our valuable experience there since 2003. This has allowed us to develop new and existing products with a view to boosting their effects as part of tailored treatments in the spa or for use at home. Check out our blog for expertise and inspiration:

You can read about which treatment relieves the fasciae in the face and body, which vegetable improves the skin’s elasticity, and which yoga exercises help the body to detox.

If you are looking for a short break with a focus on health and beauty, the Holistic Beauty Retreat at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann could be the perfect choice for you!