How to Layer Your Skincare

How to Layer Your Skincare

Skincare products become even more effective when applied in layers. We explain why in this blog post.

In our fast-paced age, multifunctional care products are naturally very popular. Mornings are a rush – and the skin care ritual also has to be compressed. Did you know, however, that skin care products work best and complement each other when applied in layers? Susanne Kaufmann has structured the recipes of her skin and body care line so that their effective ingredients enhance each other, making them five to eight times more effective than conventional care products. This so-called ‘layering’ is easy to implement and you’ll enjoy its effects in no time at all. Using this method can create a wonderful compact care ritual at the start or end of the day. Today we give you a quick insight into how layering can be applied.


The basic requirement for effective care is that the products you choose satisfy your skin’s needs. The first step, before you start layering, is thorough cleansing – morning and night. Whether a Cleansing Milk or a Cleansing Gel is the right product for you depends on the condition of your skin: Especially sensitive or dry skin enjoys a gentle cleansing milk. For normal to greasy skin, a cleansing gel is best. The final cleansing step is a toner or face tonic. This should have caring properties for sensitive skin and clarifying properties for combination skin.


A rule of thumb when layering is to start with the lightest product and wait one or two minutes between layers to allow the products to work.

Layer #1: Base serum. Its highly effective ingredients are best absorbed by cleansed skin to create an effective base for the next layer. Susanne Kaufmann recommends the Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing as a base serum for dry or dehydrated skin, the Active Agent Concentrate Clarifying for blemished skin, or the Active Agent Concentrate Rosacea for irritated, reddened couperose skin.

Layer #2: Special serum. Whether initial signs of wrinkles, pigment spots or sun damage – the second layer is all about the special serum. The Hyaluron Serum from Susanne Kaufmann delivers long-lasting moisture and firming. Demanding skin is cared for with the plant-based, anti-aging ingredient of the Intensive Power Serum Line A.

Layer #3: Eye care. Gently apply the Susanne Kaufmann Eye Cream Line A onto the skin, working from the centre outward. This eye care is also superbly suited for a weekly eye mask. For this, apply a slightly thicker layer of product and allow to absorb completely.

Layer #4: Day or regeneration care. The moisturising day care or rich regeneration care locks in the previous layers, allowing the serums to work even more effectively.

Layer #5: Sun protection. Your morning care ritual ends with a light sun protection product. To ensure it delivers its full effect, it should be applied as the final layer.