How to Layer Your Face Masks

How to Layer Your Face Masks

How using different face masks at the same time can rapidly improve your skin.

The most intensive treatment in just a few minutes – this is what face masks are known for. The type of mask used usually corresponds to your skin type, but often this is not sufficient to satisfy all our skin’s demands. The different zones on our faces often have very different needs, which a single mask cannot satisfy. In order to provide optimal care for your face, we at Susanne Kaufmann recommend “multimasking” – using a variety of different face masks.

Diversity. Our skin is subject to numerous internal and external influences each day: UV rays, pollution, our diet, stress, and age. How our bodies deal with these factors is often immediately visible on our skin. Our faces and hands are exposed to external influences practically without any protection. For this reason we recommend not only thorough cleansing in the morning and evening, but also additional care twice a week in the form of different facial masks. Your hands will also appreciate a bit of pampering: gentle exfoliation will prepare them for a rich care regime with our hand cream and Hand Serum rejuvenating.

Masks. At the Susanne Kaufmann Spa we adapt the entire facial treatment to your current skin situation. We recommend using the Moisturising Mask as a base for treatments at home. It is suitable both for dry and stress-related tight skin. Depending on the appearance of the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), the Moisturising Mask can be complemented with the Healing Earth Mask. If this part of the face is prone to redness, the Calming Mask will restore the balance, while the Moisturising Mask pampers the rest of the face. Sallow, tired skin can be woken from its winter slumber with the freshness boost of the Glow Mask. If you need a rapid firming effect, using the Lifting Mask for your face and the Moisturising Mask for your neck and chest is the perfect combination. Eye Cream Line A restores radiance in the eye area – make sure you apply a slightly thicker layer of the eye cream and leave it to work. If your eyes are really tired, try Susanne Kaufmann’s top tip: soak two cotton pads with rose water and place them over the eye area.

Use. At the Susanne Kaufmann Spa we gently heat the masks and use a special mask brush to apply them evenly. For treatments at home, our beauty experts recommend preparing the recommended amount of the mask (for full-face treatment about the size of a 20-euro-cent piece, for special masks less) in a cup or on a small plate. Wet the mask brush with warm water and then paint the mask gently onto the skin. Our masks have a 15-minute application time. While you leave the masks to work, apply the Hand Peel rejuvenating. The skin’s warmth activates the exfoliating particles and dead skin cells will be gently removed through rinsing without the need to rub. We recommend that you use a tissue and warm water to remove the mask as gently as possible without rubbing the skin. The final step in multimasking: apply a thick layer of the Hand Cream nourishing and leave it to work for five minutes or massage the Hand Serum rejuvenating gently into your hands.

Our tip: As masks provide very intensive care, using them once per week should be sufficient. In the case of acute skin problems such as acne/blemishes or acute redness, the special masks such as the Healing Earth Mask or Calming Mask can also be used on affected areas daily.