Hormonal Skincare

Hormonal Skincare

Five skin conditions to expect just before your period.

Red Patches

There’s another hormone wreaking havoc with our skin here: prostaglandin. Broadly speaking, it causes our blood vessels to narrow. So if you’re somebody that tends to go slightly red or suffer from rosacea, you may well notice that it gets worse. In this case, we recommend our Couperose Serum. You can help your skin further by avoiding extreme temperatures (step away from that sauna and steam room), easing off the high-intensity cardio training and doing some gentler exercise instead, and booking a transformative facial treatment. 


Sensitive Skin

At this point in the cycle, the skin becomes more sensitive, so be extra gentle with it. That means you need to hold off on the mechanical exfoliation and facial treatments that are too intense or contain too many highly potent active ingredients. Why not get in touch for a bespoke treatment?



Hormones trigger the production of sebum, which leaves the skin and hair greasier than ever. Skincare products should tick three boxes: Dead skin cells should be removed, the production of sebum should be reduced, and the top layer of the skin should remain permeable so that sebum can be flushed away more easily. Our Enzyme Peel and deep-cleansing Healing Earth Mask are your best options here. The glycolic acids in the enzyme peels can have a gentle peeling effect on your skin, so make sure that you cleanse it using our antibacterial Cleansing Gel in the morning and evening. Our Tonic clarifying will help to deeply cleanse the pores. Finish off by applying a moisturizing day/night cream from our Line F range to make sure that your skin has all the nutrients it needs.


As your estrogen levels rise, your skin may become more sensitive to the sun’s rays. We would therefore recommend that you swap your daily sun protection for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Don’t leave the house without it during these few days – no matter what time of year it is. 



If you already suffer from a condition that leaves your skin inflamed, such as psoriasis or eczema, PMS can heighten your symptoms. During this phase of the cycle, the body struggles to heal itself and relief may be a bit slower than normal. In this case, we would recommend applying our Evening Primrose Ointment. Stress and anxiety will only make everything worse, so why not try an hour of yoga to help you relax?


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