Benefits of Face Rollers

Benefits of Face Rollers

Discover why our Obsidian face Roller is a facial massage must-have.

Obsidian is a black stone that has played a magical role in thousands of different cultures around the world for centuries.  Important for our decision was that the stone comes from the Alps. The roller was handcrafted in the Bregenzerwald in Austria. The Obsidian Face Rollers are crafted by skilled, local artisans and are consciously made from locally-sourced materials, personally selected by Susanne Kaufmann. Designed by Susanne’s brother, renowned architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann, the Obisidan Face Roller features black Obsidian stone from South Tyrol. The delicate handle is cut from fine nut wood.


Mysticism. Obsidian is known in traditional medicine for its skin caring, healing properties. The stone is said to help relieve muscle inflammation, strengthen connective tissue and help the body to better absorb vitamins C and D. In addition to the physical effects, obsidian can also have energetic properties. It increases the flow of vital energy as existing blockages are released.


Cosmetics. We use the Obsidian Face Roller in our Advanced Anti-Aging Treatments. The massaging effect of the cool stone helps to stimulate blood circulation and the metabolic processes in the skin and to encourage the lymphatic flow. Especially puffiness around the eye area can be visibly reduced. Our therapists also use the Obsidian Face Roller afterwards to work the highly effective moisturising Hyaluron Serum into the skin. Through the massage, the skin absorbs the active ingredients even more quickly.


Our tip: If you want to use the Obsidian Face Roller at home, always place it in the center of the face and stroke / roll horizontally outwards. To treat the area around the eyes, place the roller under the eye next to the bridge of the nose and also roll horizontally towards the temple. For a rapid reduction of swelling around the eye area or for a small "emergency treatment" put the roller in the refrigerator for a few hours before use.