How to Achieve the Ultimate Bridal Glow

They say that planning a wedding is one of the best, yet stressful events you will ever go through in life. Around the clock preparation, wedding nerves, excitement, stress and sleepless nights that come with this can really take its toll on your skin. Our holistic view of beauty is grounded on the importance of self-care; whether you are looking to achieve the perfect bridal glow or in need of some serious skincare SOS, discover our edit of pre-wedding skincare essentials and application tips to prepare your skin ready for the big day.

The Perfect Base: Enzyme Peel

To enhance the absorption and efficacy of our products it is important to prep your skin before your follow-on skincare, so that your bridal makeup can sit perfectly on your skin to ensure a flawless glow. Apply our best-selling Enzyme Peel to gently lift impurities and deeply cleanse the skin. Formulated with vitamin c-rich fruit acids from apple, papaya and kiwi, this product is the ultimate skin re-newer. For best results, leave on and relax for 10 minutes. Remove with a warm, damp cloth.

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The Iconic Duo

We develop our formulas using a blend of effective active ingredients, which enhance the efficacy of many of our products when paired together. For a nourishing pre-wedding facial treatment apply our Hyaluron Serum Moisturising containing Botanical Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin which attracts and retains up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water to provide long-lasting hydration for plumper, firmer skin. Top tip: Use as an overnight treatment together with the Moisturising Mask for an extra boost of hydration. The perfect solution for dry or dehydrated skin caused by stress and sleepless nights.

Ready for Your Bridal Glow

Our Glow Mask contains papaya, ginger, coffee, raspberry and date extracts that stimulate the skin and leave the complexion clear with a perfectly natural glow. Apply the night before your big day to achieve beautiful glowing and even complexion. You will begin to see the glow after just 15 minutes. Or why not try our Pollution Skin Defence System for a 15-day detox ahead of the big day. The Pollution Skin Defence System is made up of 3x 10ml Face Serums; Face Serum Vitamin C, Face Serum Ectoin and Face Serum Q10. Together this powerful treatment ritual not only protects but repairs the skin from environmental damage to preserve youthfulness, radiance and a healthy even complexion.

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Body Preparation

Apply our award-winning Body Scrub to thoroughly cleanse and buff the skin, creating the perfect base for your spray tan or to prep the skin for follow-on products. Apply the scrub in a gentle stroking motion rather than rubbing your skin too hard to avoid aggravating the skin. Top Tip: follow with our nourishing Body Butter to help nourish, stimulate skin renewal and help firm the skin.

Soothe and De-stress

Our Alkali Salt Deacidifying is the perfect de-stressor. Our multi-purpose Alkali Salt Deacidifying salts can double as a gentle face scrub, soothing bath or de-stressing footbath to help calm and balance the skin, releasing any blocked energy or tension. To use as an exfoliator, take one teaspoon of our Alkali Salt Deacidifying and mix with water. Gently apply to the skin to gently restore the skin’s pH balance and eliminate toxins. For a warm soothing bath, just add 8 spoonful’s and enjoy. The beautiful oil derived from Liquorice has a balancing and relaxing effect to relieve any stress or tension before your special day.

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Wellness Tips from Susanne

"Our Alkali Salt Deacidifying provides holistic benefits for the entire body. Why not have a relaxing foot bath to prepare your feet for the day ahead, or even as a scrub. In addition, drink an Acid Alkalizing Tea to help neutralise the pH levels of your body."


"Body brushing is a gentle and natural way to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation and energy – which you will most certainly need on your wedding day."


"Never underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleep is particularly important for cell renewal and the body will benefit more from an extra hour of sleep in the morning than it will from an exercise session. This is particularly important when you have a busy wedding planning schedule and you’re feeling burnt out – always aim to always give time for your body to rest."


Facial Face Massage

Facial massage techniques can help to stimulate rejuvenation and cellular activity, tighten the skin and underlying muscles, and reduce expression lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells. Perfect to release facial tension the morning of your big day, try these effective techniques wherever you are; relaxing in a soothing warm bath or having your hair styled:

1.   Place your thumbs underneath your chin, with your fingers rested on the top of the chin. Push your hands upwards and knead along the jawbone up to the ears.

2.   In an upward, plucking motion, gently massage the skin underneath the eyes.

3.  Knead eyebrows in a circular motion with your thumb and forefinger, working from the inner brow outwards.

4.   Place fingertips on the middle of the forehead and pull them out towards the temples, applying pressure that feels comfortable.

5.   Repeat steps 1-4 three times.

Wedding Gift Inspiration for Their Special Day

Treat your loved ones on their special day; little luxuries to enjoy alone, together, at home or away on their honeymoon: