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Our holistic view of beauty is grounded on the importance of self-care. Skincare should be an integral part of your daily care routine, as an appropriate regime will help to keep the skin healthy and protected against environmental influences. Available until the 30th November, our exclusive skincare sets have been designed to provide you with an effective skin and body care routine. Curated to target the daily needs of the skin in winter, they make a perfect gift for you or a loved one this season.

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Scent Your Home and Encourage Relaxation

Transport yourself to the Austrian Alps with our Balancing Room Diffuser, infused with patchouli and ylang-ylang to lift your mood and soothe the senses. The perfect addition to your home and a thoughtful gift this holiday season.

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Winter Saviors

Hydration is essential for healthy skin and hair all year round, but even more so when the temperatures drop. Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, our collection of serums and day and night creams can be used together, nourishing the skin with rich layers of hydration.

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Bathing Rituals

Baths can be personalised depending on what your physical and mental needs are. Not only do they help the mind to rest and reset, but they are also a great way to nourish your body and skin with the nutrients it needs. Discover our bathing collection and enjoy a peaceful evening soak.

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Stress Management

Freeing your mind and body from stress is more important than ever as we go into an uncertain winter. Stress tends to generate an increase of hyperacidity in the body, and an acidic environment can have negative effects on the body and skin. Discover our Alkalizing heroes that provide holistic benefits for the entire body.

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Fight Maskne With Natural Skincare

The key to prevent maskne is to build a skincare regimen that considers your skin’s new needs. Formulated with natural active ingredients, our soothing and clarifying products will help prevent irritations and blemishes.