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Susanne Kaufmann™ new: Mineral Body Lotion

Have you ever heard of the fascia? It’s the fascia network of connective tissue that is jointly responsible for our upright posture. It’s a defined musculature and a functioning lymphatic system that runs throughout our whole body. It has effects the shape of our body and it’s appearance. Our new Mineral Salt Body Lotion, supports the fascia by aiding the muscles performance in recovery, flexibility and appearance allowing for a comprehensive, holistic approach to health, beauty and mobility.

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Mineral Body Lotion

In the mineral body lotion, active botanicals, natural oils, and mineral salts form a trinity that tries to target the deep fascial tissue with positive effects. Seven mineral salts detoxify deep muscles, increase cell energy, and activate lymphatic flow.

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The essential from our Essence Line

Our Essence Line is based on Phytotherapy, a component of alternative medicine. Created on the pillars of nature - in particular on plant-based active ingredients from leaves, seeds, wood, buds and roots. This gave rise to our innovative Essence Line, with an array of ointments, oils and a basic salt, all able to successfully alleviate various skin and muscular concerns.