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"Responsible, effective, and nontoxic" are three words Susanne Kaufmann uses to describe her own cosmetics line. She is among the pioneers of clean beauty – a movement that has been shaking up the cosmetics industry for a number of years now, proving that it is possible to produce highly effective cosmetic products based on herbal ingredients that are nontoxic. Discover the Susanne Kaufmann™ skin care line.

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Brand Philosophy

Since the launch of her first product line in 2003, Susanne Kaufmann's focus has always been on creating the most efficacious, spa-level formulas - and providing natural skincare that is not only as powerful as traditional ranges, but are the concepts that will power beauty in the future.


Product recommendation

Soap and water

Frequent hand washing is critical now and the most effective way to protect yourself from germs. And it is so simple: soap and water are enough - on the go we recommend our hand spray for disinfecting.

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We believe in the power of clean beauty products, consistently effective - uncompromisingly natural.

Susanne Kaufmann

Our Story

Susanne Kaufmann grew up in the Bregenzerwald, a picturesque valley nestled in the Austrian Alps. After taking over the family hotel at the age of 23, she set about creating a modern wellness destination rooted in the power of nature. In order to offer signature beauty treatments with a high-end, spa-level, efficacious, natural beauty range to her guest, she needed to create such a range herself. With a commitment to harnessing all the natural power found in the plant life of the surrounding Bregenzerwald she launched the Susanne Kaufmann™ natural product line in 2003.

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The Products

Susanne Kaufmann™ products are natural, effective and especially gentle. A wealth of experience, collected during the many years of practical use in our own hotel spa, go into each product. They contain 2 to 4 times higher concentrations of active agents than other products and up to 10 times more functional ingredients in one product. Resulting in natural high performance products.

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Beauty Secrets from the Bregenzerwald

Susanne Kaufmann believes in a holistic approach to beauty. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle extends beyond the products you use. Visit our blog to learn more about Susanne Kaufmann™, the Bregenzerwald, the Susanne Kaufmann Spa and the Hotel Post Bezau as we share our knowledge on the topic of beauty, health and general wellbeing.