How to Prolong Your Summer Glow

How to Prolong Your Summer Glow

Going on holiday? Read our before, during and after tips for prolonging your summer tan.

We are here to give all you sun worshipers out there some tips and tricks so you can keep your summer glow for as long as possible. We've also got information on specific things to think about depending on your age.

How Do You Keep Your Summer Glow?

A tan is about so much more than just turning heads with the incredible colour of your skin. It is a link to your amazing vacation memories that reminds you of that feeling of freedom during those days of sun, sea, and sand.

If you want to keep hold of the joy of summer for as long as possible by making sure that your tan doesn’t fade as soon as you are back home, there are a few key skincare steps to bear in mind before, during, and after your vacation.

Susanne Kaufmann products unleash their plant-based power to give your skin exactly what it needs. We are talking about clean beauty for summer skin.

Before Your Vacation

If you want to keep your summer glow for longer, you will need to lay the foundations before you set off on your vacation. And there is one key word here that you shouldn’t forget: scrub! Skin that is smooth and cared for will tan nicely and evenly, so it is important that you remove any dead skin cells gently yet thoroughly. A full-body scrub will also get rid of oil and impurities, ensuring that sunscreen products can then be absorbed more effectively.

The Susanne Kaufmann Body Scrub gently smooths, revitalises, and nourishes the skin. Fine sea sand and pumice stone powder have a cleansing effect and promote cutaneous circulation. The additional combined plant-based power soothes the skin and minimises the pores. Nourishing honey and natural hyaluronic acid round off the complex of active ingredients perfectly.

Oil-based scrubs – such as the Detox Oil Scrub with premium sesame oil – leave the skin feeling so soft. Alkaline apricot kernels act as exfoliating particles, while fine poppy seeds invigorate with their massaging effect. Blood flow to the tissue is improved and the purification process is stimulated for silky-smooth skin.

Don't forget to extend your scrub routine to your face too: the Facial Peel deeply cleanses the pores. The herbal complex of mallow, yarrow, and St. John’s wort flowers ensures a fresh complexion. Jojoba wax beads, which are gentle on the skin, feel lovely as they dissolve when applied.

During Your Vacation

You need to have your SPF figured out from the moment your skin starts being kissed by the sun.

We hope that it goes without saying that you should avoid getting sunburned at all costs. You will be pleased to hear that the fact that sunscreen stops you from getting a tan is a widespread myth. What’s more, sunburned skin needs to be renewed, meaning that you can say goodbye to your lovely tan. Make sure that you apply sunscreen regularly so as to maintain the protective film even if you have been swimming or sweating.

The cell-protecting Body Protection Sunscreen SPF 25 for the body regenerates and repairs the skin as you soak up the sun's rays thanks to its plant-based ingredients that have been carefully selected. Featuring the most advanced UVA and UVB filters, it protects against premature skin ageing and is even suitable for sensitive skin types.

Our skincare experts recommend that you moisturise your skin properly after spending a day in the sun. Apply the After Sun Gel Moisturising to your body and give your face an extra-special treat in the form of the Moisturising Mask.

After Your Vacation

It's time to head back home and show off your lovely new tan. What your skin needs most of all now is moisture. Caring for your skin with premium products with a cooling effect feels really nice and it makes up for the damage done to your skin after soaking up the sun’s rays. It is important that you apply After Sun at regular intervals. In fact, you should do this in the evenings when you are still on vacation for a much-needed boost of moisture.

Products containing aloe vera, such as the After Sun Gel Moisturising from Susanne Kaufmann, intensively nurture and moisturise the skin. The lightweight texture calms the skin, harnessing the anti-inflammatory effect of the balloon vine – not to mention all the key nutrients that keep your skin glowing for longer. This refreshing gel is suitable for use on the body and face.

Which Products Are Suitable for Which Age Group?

For Younger Skin

Younger skin needs plenty of moisture in order to maintain its elasticity and keep the summer glow for longer.

The plant-based Hyaluron Serum Moisturising provides tanned skin on the face, neck, and chest with exactly what it needs in the form of tiny yet highly concentrated drops. It supports the cells when it comes to skin hydration and visibly reduces wrinkles.

If you want to really avoid fine lines around the eyes, make sure you always wear sunglasses. And there are beauty products that can help you out here too. The Eye Fluid Line F targets the sensitive eye area, strengthening it with its wonderfully calming texture made up of yams, chamomile, and witch hazel. Hyaluronic acid from the aloe vera provides lasting moisture. Susanne’s top tip: Keep your eye products in the fridge for a real boost of freshness.

For Mature Skin

Mature skin needs a healthy dose of moisture after being exposed to the sun too.

The Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing is packed with highly effective herbal essences that supply demanding sun-kissed skin with nutrients. The moisture reserves are topped off again and the facial tissue is strengthened.

The under-eye area is the most susceptible to lines and wrinkles – even if you wear sunglasses and use a parasol. But this can be avoided by applying Eye Cream Line A, which reduces puffiness and stimulates the skin’s own collagen production process with its natural cell protection shield. (The Eye Cream Line A works well if stored in the fridge too!)

Bonus Tip for All Ages

Skin that has been exposed to the sun needs a bit of extra TLC. Face masks are one way of ensuring that your sun-kissed skin looks even more radiant. The Susanne Kaufmann Moisturising Mask boasts a highly effective, hydrating complex to round off your intense skincare regime. The ingredients include beeswax, almond oil, wheat germ oil, and pansy extract. Apply a thin layer of the mask for a night time treat. And say hello to summer glow!

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