The Best Body Oils for Positive Wellbeing

The Best Body Oils for Positive Wellbeing

Discover which of our body oils is best for you.

When it comes to body care, entirely natural body oils are real all-rounders. Whether for face, body or hair – their valuable ingredients create an absolute sense of well-being. Susanne Kaufmann has re-released six of the best body oils from her spa. Relaxation, detoxification, regeneration, firming and protection against environmental factors – Susanne Kaufmann has created matching oils for each of these needs.

Deep nourishment

It is the molecular composition of the oils that makes them so particularly valuable for skin care. As they are very similar to the protective coating of human skin, they can support it with unsaturated fatty acids and thus improve or restore its defensive function. Moreover, the molecules are so fine that they can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to supply them with essential fatty acids.


The recipe of the De-stress Oil is a balanced formula made from rosehip seed, avocado and lavender oil. It has a pleasantly relaxing effect on the body and mind, promoting healthy sleep.


The Detox Oil is a composition made from carefully manufactured ginger and birch leaf extract supplemented with jojoba and rosehip seed oil. This powerful oil helps your skin to detoxify and gives the tissues new elasticity.


Muscles relax when massaged with the Muscle Release Oil. Susanne Kaufmann has combined active plant extracts with caring oils here. Look forward to a warming effect that promotes circulation.


The Stretch Mark Oil is deeply nourishing and firming and made from a combination of almond, wheat germ and jojoba oil. In particular, it satisfies the needs of the skin during pregnancy: Stretch marks can be prevented with regular gentle massage and the arnica-based oil helps to counteract the water retention caused by pregnancy.

In the Resculpting Oil, millet seed and jojoba oil work as active ingredients to give the connective tissue more firmness while simultaneously smoothing the skin. Precious pomegranate seed oil protects against free radicals and stimulates cellular regeneration.

Protection against environmental factors

The Body Oil, with marigold extract, rosehip seed oil and broccoli seed oil, is a vitalising and regenerating skin care product. It strengthens the skin’s protective function and protects against environmental impacts.

Our tip: To get the very best from the oils, massage them onto damp skin after showering or bathing. This combines oil and water molecules and the skin can absorb both. Please remember to store oils in a cool and dry place to prevent them turning rancid.