Day 8 of 10 Days of Beauty & Health

Day 8 of 10 Days of Beauty & Health

It's day 8 of our 10-day detox program. Read on to discover our tips and recommendations.

Our ‘10 Days of Beauty & Health’ offers practical tips and aims to give you the tools you need to improve your health and quality of life in small steps. A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) detox is the ideal way rid the body of toxins and hit the reset button on your health and wellbeing. Inner cleansing relieves the body, the metabolism is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and the complexion is clarified.

Susanne Kaufmann and her team of doctors have developed a 10-day detox program following the guiding principles of both TCM and western practices for you to try at home.

The TCM Detox Cuisine has been conceived as a life-long approach to nutrition and includes everything needed for a healthy diet according to current scientific knowledge.

Day 8

TCM Detox Cuisine

Breakfast: Pear Muesli
Mix 50 g of cottage cheese and 1 finely sliced pear into a warm porridge made of 1 tbsp of tigernut flakes, 2 tbsp of warm millet and 1 tbsp of raisins.

Snack: Apple (Contains antioxidants and has alkalizing and detoxifying effects).

Lunch: Potato Soup (alkaline)
2 tbsp rapeseed oil, 6 potatoes, 1 onion, 2 vegetable stock cubes, 750ml of water. Wash peel and slice potatoes. Peel the onion and cut into small pieces. Fry the onion in rapeseed oil until translucent, then ​​add the potatoes. Add water and stock cubes. Cook over medium heat and then purée with a blender.

Snack: Orange

Dinner: Paprika Vegetables with Rice
Cook 50g basmati rice in salted water, dice 1 red and ½ yellow pepper, fry 1 onion and 1 clove of garlic in 1 tsp of olive oil. Deglaze with 2 tbsp vegetable broth and mix in 1 tbsp parsley. Salt, pepper and arrange with rice.

Yoga Excercise The tree.

Press the foot against the inside of the opposite thigh, engage the leg and buttock muscles. The less proficient can place the foot against the inside of the knee or calf or place the sole of the right foot on the arch of the left foot. Raise the arms and push the palms together. Stay in this position for five to ten long breaths. This asymmetric basic posture standing on one leg trains the active muscles of the legs, feet and buttocks. It promotes balance, invigorates and strengthens. The leg will often want to slip away to begin with. Don’t worry about it and leave it where it’s comfortable. The more you tension you put on the standing leg and the firmer the pressure of the angled leg becomes, the better the tree works. This also takes a little practice. Duration: Hold for at least 15 seconds, then change to the other leg.

Function / Effect: Stimulates the metabolism, improves the sense of balance, firms the whole body, stabilises and harmonizes

Feel Good tip - Mindfulness exercise: eat mindfully
Breakfast or lunch is also good for training mindfulness. Look inside before the meal: are you hungry or peckish? In what mood do you sit down at the table? Look at your food, how it looks and how it is made up. Then focus on the process itself, smell your food, watch attentively how you bring your food to your mouth, what it feels like, how it tastes. Chew consciously and slowly. Be careful at least for the first five bites of your meal. When you're finished eating, feel inside your body: Are you full? Are you feeling satisfied?

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