Day 5 of 10 Days of Beauty & Health

Day 5 of 10 Days of Beauty & Health

We're half way through our 10 day program for full body, skin and mind health. Discover day 5 of the program in this post.

Our ‘10 Days of Beauty & Health’ offers practical tips and aims to give you the tools you need to improve your health and quality of life in small steps. A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) detox is the ideal way rid the body of toxins and hit the reset button on your health and wellbeing. Inner cleansing relieves the body, the metabolism is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and the complexion is clarified.

Susanne Kaufmann and her team of doctors have developed a 10-day detox program following the guiding principles of both TCM and western practices for you to try at home.

The TCM Detox Cuisine has been conceived as a life-long approach to nutrition and includes everything needed for a healthy diet according to current scientific knowledge.

Day 5

TCM Detox Cuisine

Breakfast: Groats with Dried Fruit
3 tbsp of roughly ground wheatmeal, 2 each of dried prunes, apricots and dates, 150ml of naturally cloudy apple juice, 1 tbsp of raisins, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tsp of agave concentrate, 1 pinch of vanilla, 1 tsp of almond flakes. Soften the wheatmeal overnight in plenty of water. Drain the softening water, rinse the wheat meal. Cut the prunes, apricots and dates into small pieces. Heat the apple juice, add the wheat groats and dried fruit and cook over a medium heat for about 5 minutes. Allow to cool slightly. Fold in the soya cream, agave concentrate and vanilla.

Snack: Green Smoothie with Spinach

Spinach has a positive effect on muscle growth and high blood pressure. 1 handful of spinach, 1 apple (sour), 1 banana, 1 orange, 150 ml of water or coconut water, 1 slice of lemon with peel, ¼ avocado. Squeeze orange and mix with remaining ingredients in the blender and mix until creamy.

Lunch: Tomato & Pepper Soup
Steam 2 red peppers and 1 onion (both diced) in 1 tsp of oil. Add 1 small can of tomato pieces and allow everything to simmer for about 15 minutes. Then purée until smooth, season with salt and pepper. Serve with ¼ yellow pepper and ¼ cucumber (both diced) and chervil leaves as required.

Snack: Apple (Contains antioxidants and has alkalizing and detoxifying effects).

Dinner: Potato Salad
Peel 200g of potatoes, cut into slices and cook in salt water for about 5 minutes, then drain. Mix 2 tbsp of orange juice, 2 tbsp of vegetable broth, 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of parsley, ½ tsp of mustard and salt. Stir ½ bunch of radishes and ½ cucumber (both cut into fine slices) with the sauce into the lukewarm potatoes.


Yoga Exercise Fascia yoga.

If you neglect the fascia / connective tissue, it can lead to tension and stiffness. Our yoga exercises help to loosen tension in the back and neck. Through the movement flow below, the tension is loosened and the fascial tissue strengthened. Step-by-step fascia yoga for the home:

  • Child's pose
  • Relaxed stand lean forward
    Relaxed stand lean backwards
  • Circulating movements to loosen the neck
  • Slight turns while sitting
  • Downward dog
  • Cobra

At Home Treatment
Acupressure is a pressure massage technique that originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The pressure point responsible for assisting the detoxification of the liver is found on the back of the foot – approximately a width of two thumbs below the point where the big and second toe separate. Massage this point simultaneously with the thumb of each hand for two minutes in a circular motion. For a some added TLC, we recommend a foot cream.

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