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Face, Serum

Pollution Skin Defence System

This powerful treatment helps to protect the skin against environmental damage, whilst also working to boost its own repair mechanisms and return moisture to the skin. Read more

Base price: EUR 883.32 for 100 ml

Product description

This new system consists of three perfectly matched vials containing powerful concentrations of Vitamin C, Ectoin and Q10, which have been designed to be used together as a 15-day regimen. The ampoules form a comprehensive multilayered protection that shields the skin from free radicals and negative environmental influences to preserve youthfulness, radiance and an even complexion.


Hold the ampoule in one hand and with the other hand wrap a tissue around its neck and break it off at the indicated white ring. Empty the concentrate into the palm of your hand and apply by pressing it gently into the skin. Afterwards, continue with your usual night-time skincare routine. Vitamin C is one of the most effective antioxidants available and in the Face Serum Vitamin C it can be found in a potent ingredient complex to ensure maximum results. Simultaneously, the serum also stimulates the skin’s own defence mechanisms, opens its natural detoxifi-cation pathways and helps to even out skin tone. Stable vitamin C and a complex of the superfruit Schisandra make the ampoules the perfect first step to start the skin’s renewal process. The Face Serum Ectoin contains a natural active ingredient that acts as a molecular companion to provide holistic protection for skin and helps to prevent damage that can result in premature aging. Working in combination with the patented active ingredient QT40, this serum leaves skin protected as well as repaired. The serum signifi-cantly increases the skins ability to retain moisture. The enzyme Q10 is a key component for cellular metabolism in the body. Unfortunately, due to environmental aggressors our natural resources can be quickly depleted. The Face Serum Q10 helps to restore the balance as well as protect the skin from oxidative stress. These actions are further supported by a powerful antioxidant derived from the magnolia extract. This way, skin renewal is stimulated and collagen production is improved.


Ingredients Face Ampoule Vitamin C aqua (water) pentylene glycol nat. glycerin 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid sodium citrate alcohol denat schizandra chinensis fruit extract hydroxyethylcellulose menthyl ethylamido oxalate polyglyceryl-10 laurete parfum (fragrance from natural scents) benzyl salicylate* Ingredients Face Ampoule Ectoin aqua (water) ectoin pentylene glycol glycerin polyglyceryl-4 caprate saccharide isomerate magnolia officinalis bark extract dehydro xanthan gum hydrolyzed ulva lactuca extract benzyl salicylate* citric acid* sodium citrate alcohol denat. parfum (fragrance) Ingredients Face Ampoule Q10: aqua (water) glycerin alcohol lecithin magnolia officinalis bark extract ubiquinone hyaluronate potassium phosphate sodium tocopherol caprylyl glycol polyglyceryl-4 caprate ethylhexylglycerin dehydro xanthan gum alcohol denat. parfum (fragrance) benzyl salicylate*