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Immune Tea

Welding Driving ingredients condition the body's own defences of the organism. Read more

Product description

Two to three cups of the recommended mixing, you should drink hot right at the start of a cold. The tea blend contains diaphoretic ingredients as elderflower. The mucolytic, expectorant promoting and antibacterial properties of chamomille have proven to treat inflammation of the airways and cough. Similarly, rooibos and bee balm which give the mixture a pleasant taste effect. The immune tea helps the body to strengthen its own defences and supports the immune system in order to arm itself against colds.


In order to achieve the best results, use 1 teabag per pot, add boiling water and let it steep for 4 minutes. Drink the tea in small sips at as high a temperature as possible.


chamomile flowers elderflower rooibos tea bee balm mate green tea green tea gunpowder

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