Foot Cream Warming

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Foot Cream Warming

Regular price $65
The Foot Cream Warming nourishes feet with a blend of marigold, rosemary and witch hazel extract.

Nourishing and moisturising


Provides natural germ resistance

Prevents calluses

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Product Description

Camphor bark oil and thyme have warming and antifungal properties, while wheat germ oil works as a strong antioxidant. Regular use effectively protects sensitive skin and counteracts cold feet during winter months.

Skin Type



dry skin




Made in Austria

No Paraffin or Parabens

Cruelty Free

How to Apply

  • Massage a small amount into feet until absorbed.
  • For very dry or chapped skin, use several times a day until skin feels nourished.
  • Rinse hands after use.

Pair It With

Before applying the cream, enjoy a foot bath with our Alkali Salt Deacidifying to promote the elimination of toxins and release blocked energy. The holistic treatment gives feet a fine, well-groomed feeling.
Alkali Salt Deacidifying

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Alkali Salt Deacidifying


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Key Ingredients


Camphor bark oil has a circulation-boosting, warming and antifungal effect.


Promotes skin regeneration, strengthens the tissue and supports the self-healing processes of the skin.


Warming, invigorating and regenerating.

All Ingredients

"After applying the hand and foot cream, put on some soft socks or cotton gloves to allow the products to work their magic on your hands and feet."

Susanne Kaufmann


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