The principle of detoxification

If the body stores too many toxins, it is no longer able to get rid of them itself. Possible consequences are skin problems such as cellulitis, impurities or eczema. The best detox aids are a vitamin-rich, natural diet, relaxation, exercise and the intake of fluids. Regular detox programmes provide greater comfort. Susanne Kaufmann organic treats recommends the following productions for your detox programme at home.

Detox Oil Scrub

The Detox Oil Scrub stimulates the detoxification process and improves blood circulation. Hgh-quality sesame oil works in the Detox Oil Scrub as a fine-molecular and caring base. Circulation of the blood to the body's tissues is promoted and the skin's surface gently smoothed. In combination with the Anti Cellulite Cream it is the perfect preparation for bikini season.

Anti Cellulite Cream

The Anti Cellulite Cream firms the skin and smoothes the complexion. The patented ingredient Pro Contur, consisting of caffeine, tiger grass and boldo, promotes the breakdown of fat cells. High-quality extracts of wild yam root and moth bean seeds support the formation of collagen. In addition, the highly effective plant complex IBR slows the aging process of the skin cells.

Alkali Salt

A bath with Alkali Salt can work wonders. The salt in the water detoxifies the body, regenerates the muscles and brings the pH value of the skin back into balance.

Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate Oil nourishes the skin, provides it with ample moisture and counteracts the aging process. Applying the oil daily firms the skin and restores its elasticity. This oil gives the skin a soft, silky shine. It is suitable for all types of skin, and especially suited for treating dry skin.

Detoxification Tea

Everyone who drinks a lot of water and tea is generally on the right path. This has the highest priority after the holiday season. The special mixture of herbs in detoxification tea rinses toxins out of the body and mate tea leaves reduce the feeling of hunger.

Acid Alkalizing Tea

The special mixture of herbs in the acid alkalizing tea from Susanne Kaufmann organic treats works against the acids in the body’s alkaline balance and the minerals contained, e.g. potassium, calcium and magnesium, bind toxins in the form of salt so that they can be eliminated more easily.