Regeneration Cream Line A

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Regular price $278

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Regeneration Cream Line A

Regular price $278
This powerful anti-ageing overnight cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, repairs skin damage and stimulates the skin's elastin and collagen production.

Provides intensive moisture

Regenerates and renews cells

Improves collagen formation

Product Description

The Regeneration Cream Line A visibly reduces all signs of your skin ageing, provides an intense boost of moisture, and activates skin regeneration during periods of rest. The effect is the result of years of research giving rise to a clever combination of highly active ingredients. Ectoin, natural retinol, antioxidants, and vitamins leave the skin looking and feeling regenerated, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A formulation of rosehip oil and meadowfoam seed oil addresses many of the needs of ageing skin with lasting effect. The result is a soothed, firm, and youthful complexion.

Skin Type



dehydrated skin
fine lines and wrinkles
loss of firmness


anti ageing

Made in Austria

No Paraffin or Parabens

Cruelty Free

No Sulfates or Silicones

How to Apply

  • Every evening, apply this nourishing night cream after cleansing.
  • Gently massage into the face, neck and decolletage with upward strokes.
  • Helps to revitalise the skin overnight.

Pair It With

While the serum can be applied in the morning and at night, it makes the perfect partner to this cream as an overnight beauty treatment. Both products provide the skin with extensive protection against cell ageing for a vitalised and visibly firmer finish.
Intensive Power Serum Line A

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Intensive Power Serum Line A


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Key Ingredients


Stabilises cell membranes and lipids, thus protecting against harmful environmental influences. Ectoin increases the skin's capacity to store moisture.


The seed oil from mayflowers has an exceptional range of fatty acids and leaves the skin with a very silky, smooth, non-greasy feeling.

Rosehip Seed Oil

With a high content of essential fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A (natural retinol), this oil has a strong healing and regenerative effect. It promotes collagen production within the connective tissue and maintains the skin's ability to store moisture.

Soluble Silk Elements

Moisturises, nourishes intensively and smooths the skin.

All Ingredients

Inspiration behind the product

Line A was inspired by the needs of my own skin. I wanted to create a daily skincare line that would protect skin against the initial signs of ageing, and to counteract damage caused by environmental factors.


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