Pollution Skin Defence System

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Pollution Skin Defence System

Regular price $329
This powerful treatment helps to protect the skin against environmental damage, whilst also working to boost its own repair mechanisms and return moisture to the skin.

Improves elasticity

Collagen booster

Cell protection

Firms the skin

Protects against environmental pollution

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Product Description

This new system consists of three perfectly matched vials containing powerful concentrations of Vitamin C, Ectoin and Q10, which have been designed to be used together as a 3 or 15 day regimen. The ampoules form a comprehensive multi-layered protection that shields the skin from free radicals and negative environmental influences to preserve youthfulness, radiance and an even complexion.

Vitamin C is one of the most effective antioxidants available and in the Face Serum Vitamin C it can be found in a potent ingredient complex to ensure maximum results. Simultaneously, the serum also stimulates the skin's own defence mechanisms, opens its natural detoxification pathways and helps to even out skin tone. Stable vitamin C and a complex of the superfruit Schisandra make the ampoules the perfect first step to start the skin's renewal process.

The Face Serum Ectoin contains a natural active ingredient that acts as a molecular companion to provide holistic protection for skin and helps to prevent damage that can result in premature ageing. Working in combination with the patented active ingredient QT40, this serum leaves skin protected as well as repaired. The serum significantly increases the skins ability to retain moisture.

The enzyme Q10 is a key component for cellular metabolism in the body. Unfortunately, due to environmental aggressors our natural resources can be quickly depleted. The Face Serum Q10 helps to restore the balance as well as protect the skin from oxidative stress. These actions are further supported by a powerful antioxidant derived from the magnolia extract. This way, skin renewal is stimulated and collagen production is improved.

Skin Type



dehydrated skin
fine lines and wrinkles
loss of firmness
polluted skin


anti ageing


Made in Switzerland

No Paraffin or Parabens

Cruelty Free

How to Apply

  • Apply the serum to the face each evening after cleansing.
  • Gently massage into the skin until absorbed.
  • Follow with your regular Susanne Kaufmann face care.

3 x 2ml

  • For the first night, use the Face Ampoule Vitamin C. For the second night, use the Face Ampoule Ectoin and for the final night, use the Face Ampoule Q10.

15 x 2ml

  • For the first five nights, use the Face Ampoule Vitamin C. For the next five nights, use the Face Ampoule Ectoin and for the final five nights, use the Face Ampoule Q10.

Pair It With

Our Obsidian Roller is the perfect addition to this highly efficient skin care solution, as it helps to absorb the serums deeper into the skin. On top, the healing Obsidian stone relieves muscle inflammation and strengthens the connective tissue.
Obsidian Face Roller

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Obsidian Face Roller


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Key Ingredients


Stabilises cell membranes and lipids, thus protecting against harmful environmental influences. Ectoin increases the skin's capacity to store moisture.

Fermented Yeast

Q10 (Ubiquinone) from fermented yeast is an antioxidant and collagen booster.


Neutralises free radicals that cause damage through UV rays from the sun. Also reduces inflammatory processes in the skin, often caused by environmental toxins.

Modified Vitamin C

Stores moisture lastingly in the skin and is a brightening antioxidant.

Sugarcane Bagasse and Corncob

The organic compound improves the skin's ability to bind water and increases hydration levels. It is also characterised by its antimicrobial properties.

All Ingredients

Inspiration behind the product

This powerful skin treatment features three of the most effective natural skincare ingredients there are for the skin.


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