Detox Kit

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face & body, travel kit

Detox Kit

Regular price $94
The kit features our five detox must-haves, which you need to support your body throughout the detoxification process. Only available to ship to Europe.

Hand-luggage friendly

Eliminate toxins

Stimulates skin's metabolism

Promotes blood circulation

Product Description

Only available to ship to Europe.

The effects of a detox treatment involve so much more than simply purifying the body or losing a few pounds. We are actually talking about major changes on a physical and spiritual level. The Detox Kit includes the following products:

Moisturising Mask 15ml: This mask has a moisturising effect as a treat for skin in need of rescue during a detox treatment. Apply to the face, neck, and chest, and leave to work its magic. The skin is looking and feeling refreshed and smoothed.
Pillow Spray Calming 25ml: A good night's sleep helps the body to rediscover its balance. Spray the pillow spray above your bed in the evening before you go to sleep to help you relax and unwind.
Detox Oil 30ml: The stimulating effect of ginger and the detoxifying power of birch help the body to free itself of pollutants, stimulate microcirculation, and improve the metabolism. Apply it to the skin while it is still damp.
Detox Oil Scrub 15ml: This scrub stimulates the process of purification and boosts blood circulation. Alkaline apricot kernel exfoliating particles help the skin to maintain its neutral pH value. Gently massage the scrub into dry skin ideally before an alkali bath.
Alkali Salt Deacidifying 60g: Deacidifying the body using alkali salt is a traditional and effective way of removing toxins and boosting the skin's metabolism. Waste is eliminated particularly well though the skin on the feet. Taking a 15-minute foot bath will support your body during a detox treatment.

Skin Type



dehydrated skin
dry skin
fine lines and wrinkles
polluted skin



Made in Austria

No Paraffin or Parabens

Cruelty Free

No Sulfates or Silicones

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