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Self Care Set

Create the perfect home spa experience with this exclusive set. Designed to help you unwind and pamper the body from head to toe, the set includes a best-selling bath oil, nourishing face mask and hydrating hand cream. Read more


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Now more than ever, it's so important we look after ourselves. Whether your home has become your new office or you've been working on-site since the early hours, it can be challenging to switch off at the end of a work day. This exclusive set features 3 skin saviours, designed to help you unwind and create your very own home spa. Our Oil Bath for the Senses, with essential oils of the ylang-ylang tree, patchouli plant and lavender, relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your body. Whilst you enjoy a warm soak, apply our Moisturizing Mask to hydrate and nourish the skin. Throughout the day apply our Hand Cream Nourishing or apply a thick layer just before bed for an overnight treatment, leaving hands feeling wonderfully soft and supple.

The Self Care Set includes:


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