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Body, Hand & Feet Care

Hand Care Set

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Base price: EUR 12,610.00 for 100 ml

Product description

Hand Lotion
The hand lotion gives your hands a luxurious pampering with premium quality ingredients. It absorbs into your skin quickly, providing gentle, lasting nourishment for even the most hard-working hands. The powerful combination of aloe vera and plant oils ensures a plentiful dose of moisture. The extract of walnut leaf protects hands from free radicals, while witch hazel and mallow have an intensive soothing and nourishing effect. Skin regains its tone and is better able to resist external environmental influences.

Hand Soap
The hand soap is the perfect companion. Sugar-based surfactants ensure the overworked skin on your hands is cleansed gently and sparingly. Premium wheat germ oil, aloe vera and active ingredients of horsetail make your skin silky-soft and smooth

The Hand Care Package includes

  • Hand Soap 250 ml
  • Hand Lotion 250 ml
  • Aluminium Holder


Together, they’re a perfect pairing. We also provide a handmade holder for the hand soap and hand lotion. Made in the next village, it is the perfect fit for the two products and gives them their own place in the bathroom


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