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Evening Tea

Lavender, rose and bee balm are complementary in their effect and can relieve psychological symptoms of stress and restlessness. Read more

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Product description

Rose soothes and relaxes. By day, it even promotes the ability to concentrate. The balm soothes and promotes sleep. The essential oils of lemon balm leaves and lavender flowers act centrally reassuring. Your anticonvulsant properties also make it excellent agents in the treatment of nervous-induced gastrointestinal disorders. These are in fact often caused by internal unrest and in turn prevent sleep. The evening tea restores a pleasant sense of balance and inner calm after an eventful day.


In order to achieve the best results, use 1 teabag per pot, add boiling water and let it steep for 6 minutes. Drink the tea in small sips at as high a temperature as possible.


apple rosehips crisped mint bee balm nettle leaves rose blossom lavender blossom