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Essentials Set

Treat your skin to the ultimate day and night regime with the Essentials Set, featuring the best-selling day cream, night cream and eye cream from Line T. Read more


Product description

Our exclusive Essentials Set is the ideal way to discover our best-selling Line T skincare heroes, made with the finest, locally sourced natural ingredients. Featuring a day cream, night cream and eye cream, this set is the perfect daily regime for skin in need of gentle care. In the morning after cleansing, revitalise and nourish skin with the Day Cream Line T and Eye Cream Line T. End the day with the Regeneration Cream Line T and apply the Eye Cream Line T in a thicker layer as a mask. The revitalizing effect smoothes the skin and counteracts wrinkles. The herbal compound of chamomile, sage, yarrow leaves and St. John's wort blossoms found in all 3 products will calm, regenerate and soothe the skin.

The Essentials Set includes:


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