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28.05.2018 - SPA

Beauty in the City

Susanne Kaufmann™ products and treatments now also in New York City at NYDG.

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20.10.2017 - SPA

In good hands

4 tips for beautifully manicured hands.

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16.10.2017 - SPA

A healthy sweat

Sauna – pure relaxation with a holistic effect.

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21.08.2017 - SPA

Treading lightly through late summer

Susanne Kaufmann™ care ritual for legs and feet.

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26.07.2017 - SPA

Susanne Kaufmann’s Home Spa tip

Body wrapping at home.

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26.04.2017 - SPA

Say goodbye to cellulite

Effectively reduce cellulite with lymph drainage.

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04.04.2017 - SPA

Body Rejuvenation

Detoxification of the body with weight and circumference reduction at Hotel Post Bezau.

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