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30.01.2018 -


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From a by-product of cheese production to key ingredient in the cosmetics industry.

Ingo Metzler, farmer and innovator, was one of the first people involved with Susanne Kaufmann cosmetics. Renowned for his “Wäldler" cheese and his natural skin and body care products based on whey, he stumbled upon natural cosmetics some 25 years ago while renovating his dairy farm. He started successfully experimenting with the whey, left over from his cheese production…


Ingo Metzler enjoys talking about cheese, its history and its many possible uses. For example, about how he only produces and uses hay milk, which is much higher in omega 3 and linoleic acid levels than normal milk. Both are unsaturated fats that preserve the protective function of the skin. Or, about how only 10% of the milk used in cheese production actually becomes cheese. The remaining 90% remains as whey, even though these “residues” contain the most minerals and vitamins. In order not to waste anything, Ingo Metzler started using the leftover whey in cosmetics production.


The lactic acid found in whey-based skincare products can help promote healthy skin. The protective acid mantle is essential. Whey regulates the skin’s pH value and has a positive influence on moisture retention. The lactic acid found in whey has a similar structure to the lactic acid synthesised by the human body. This is why whey can help with self-healing and can potentially be tolerated by sensible allergy-prone skins.

Whey baths.

Susanne Kaufmann™ offers different whey baths such as the herbal whey bath nourishing and the herbal whey bath calming. We also use whey in different Susanne Kaufmann™ products to improve their pH value.

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