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07.08.2018 -

What helps acne and blemished skin?

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A gentle skin care routine, well-chosen care products, and less stress are all a good start.

Oily skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples. Does this sound familiar? According to statistics, eight out of ten people suffer from blemished skin. The cause of blemished skin and acne in most cases is hormones – more specifically, the androgen sex hormones. During puberty boys tend to struggle with more severe forms of acne, but in adulthood women often find themselves suddenly dealing with blemished skin related to their monthly cycles. Together with the specialists at Susanne Kaufmann™, we have put together a summary for you of the most effective ways to look after blemished skin.


Medical Care. An important first step is to know why the skin is so unbalanced, and in cases of severe acne, to find out the exact medical condition you are battling. For this, it is best to consult an experienced dermatologist to establish an individual course of treatment.


Professional Care. Susanne Kaufmann ™ can help you feel better in your own skin. Before starting a treatment plan, our beauticians discuss the reasons behind your blemished skin. We advise against aggressive over-care – in general, when it comes to looking after blemished skin and acne, less really is more. We cleanse the face with a gentle enzyme peel, steam, and a deep cleanse. This removes layers of dead skin without irritating the sensitive skin beneath. A clarifying serum and a firming hyaluronic acid serum are applied to the cleansed skin. We try to balance the skin with a healing mask and, if necessary, a moisturizing mask. Finally, a lymphatic drainage routine stimulates the lymphatic flow and metabolism of the skin cells and helps reduce water retention. If acne has already caused scarring, the treatment can be supplemented with an ultrasound machine to promote the uptake of the active ingredients into the skin with particular effectiveness.


At-Home Care. As a cleansing routine for blemished skin or acne, the combination of clarifying and moisturizing products is especially effective.

Cleansing (morning and evening): A moisturizing cleansing gel and a clarifying toner with skin-soothing ingredients.

Daily care: A clarifying serum with antibacterial and soothing properties in combination with a hyaluronic acid serum for an extra dose of moisture, and a mattifying facial gel to reduce sebum production.

Nightly care: A clarifying serum or a regeneration cream with a harmonizing effect.

Special care: A gentle enzyme peel twice a week, followed by a healing mask.


Nutrition. Eat fiber-rich whole foods and abstain from simple carbohydrates such as wheat flour and sugar, dairy products, and mechanically processed foods – or at least greatly reduce their intake. Drink plenty of water along with an unsweetened green smoothie now and then.


No Stress. While easier said than done, stress in our body throws our hormones out of balance. Blemished skin is often the first sign of needing to take things a little easier.


Photocredit: @Sosubtle & Susanne Kaufmann™





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