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30.09.2020 -

What are our insider’s top tips for holistic beauty? Part 2

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Meet our expert trainers Francisca and Nikolaj and discover what their go-to beauty tips are for long-lasting glowing skin health.

Francisca Steinmayer, Manager of European Retail Training & Spa Expert

  • What’s your favourite skin food? (Ingredient that’s good for your skin)

There are 3 ingredients I always go to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy. Spirulina, for its anti-inflammatory effects, blueberries which are great for detoxifying the skin and body, and oranges for their high concentration of vitamin C which is highly effective at protecting skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.

  • What is your ultimate skincare tip that everyone should know?

Before applying an eye cream, spritz the face with a mist, such as the Susanne Kaufmann™ Rose Water Mist. This will help your eye cream to absorb further into the skin to optimize the benefits. I also always recommend applying any leftover eye cream on your fingertips to fine lines around the lips.

  • Do you have a selfcare ritual?

I always try to stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep and start the day with yoga or meditation. To make the most of this time, I apply the Susanne Kaufmann™ Enzyme Peel and the Hair Mask Intensive Repair beforehand. This is a great way to care for your skin, mind, and body at the same time.

  • What is your favourite product from the Susanne Kaufmann range and why?

The Healing Earth Mask! Formulated with extract of cucumber, the texture of the mask stays creamy and supple, and does not become hard or crack on the skin like other earth or mud masks. It moisturizes the skin and results in a clear, pore-less, and refined skin texture – it’s great for effectively banishing impurities.

  • What are your travel must-haves and why?

The Susanne Kaufmann™ Rose Water Mist for refreshment between travel or as make-up fixing spray. I also love the new Eye Rescue Stick. After a long day, it instantly refreshes the eye area and I don't even have to touch my face with my hands. Last but not least, sun protection with a good SPF – this is such an important travel must-have and is often overlooked and underestimated.


Nikolaj Haller, Sales & Retail Manager UK

  • What is your favourite skin food?

Every morning, I add a teaspoon of Baobab superfruit powder into my smoothie. Baobab is the superfruit of Africa’s tree of life which is rich in fibre and Vitamin C. It promotes regular energy release, boosts immunity, and improves skin health.

  • What is your ultimate skincare tip that everyone should know?

I always promote the importance of exfoliating, ideally twice a week. Exfoliation improves the skin’s appearance, leaving it smoother and fresher looking.

  • Do you have a selfcare ritual?

It is very important for me to have a healthy diet and get enough sleep, especially as living in a big city and travelling with work can be exhausting. I make sure I spend as much time as I can outside for walks or in parks to calm my mind and soul.

  • What is your favourite product from the Susanne Kaufmann range and why?

I have many, but one of my favourites is the Glow mask. This product delivers a result that will be never out of trend, a healthy glow. Papaya, ginger, coffee, raspberry, and date extracts stimulate the skin, leaving your complexion clear with a perfectly natural glow.

  • What are your travel must-haves and why?

The most important product I carry with me is a Hand sanitizer. Germ free hands is a must! The Susanne Kaufmann™ Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel kills 99.9% of bacteria, helping me to protect myself and others as much as I can. I’ll always travel with a hydrating face mist to keep my skin hydrated at all times, and my Air pods so I can listen to my favourite tracks on the journey.

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