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25.06.2018 -

Well packaged!

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Our products reflect our values - from content through to production and packaging.

Susanne Kaufmann™ stands for innovative, natural active ingredient cosmetics with tradition. What is in our bottles, jars and dispensers is natural and pure. That's why the exterior has to be right. In production, we rely on renewable energies, resource-saving processes and our packaging is completely recyclable.

Inside. The products of Susanne Kaufmann™ contain only natural preservatives. In order not to limit the effect of the valuable oils and plant extracts contained, our production processes are particularly gentle. We use the latest technologies for production. The energy for this is provided by the sun. In addition, the solar energy used at our production facility ensures the right temperature in rooms, shelves and cooling systems.

Outside. We also do not compromise on the packaging of our products. We rely on recyclable glass bottles and jars, when allowed by the ingredients and regulations, which can be fully recycled. As secondary raw materials they find their way back into the production cycle. Some of our products contain photosensitive ingredients or have to comply with specific regulations, so they are stored in recycled plastic containers made from PET bottles. We source our packaging from manufacturers in Austria and Germany. This keeps our transport routes short and our ecological footprint small. At the same time we strengthen the local economy.

Want to get a sneak peak of our cosmetic production? Well, good news, you can visit it. Our producer Ingo Metzler is based in Egg it’s just a 15 minutes car ride away from our HQ in Bezau and the Hotel Post Bezau respectively. Once a week, the hotel offers its guests a production tour. If Susanne Kaufmann is on site, she also does it personally!

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