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28.08.2019 -

Superior Support

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Highly Effective Support Tights from powerleggs Enhance the Body-Shaping Effect.

These support tights are the perfect complement to the Anti Aging Body Serum, enhancing the effect. They exert gentle pressure along the entire leg, intensifying the impact of the product.

The Idea. Support tights can enhance the effect of the Anti Aging Body Serum from Susanne Kaufmann. The serum offers an innovative way to smooth the skin and shape the body.

The Effect. A combination of pressure and movement have a dual effect against cellulite and excess fat, improving both circulation and lymphatic drainage. The compression of the tights ensures that circulation is optimally stimulated and the movement of the tissue is forced inwards.

The Active Ingredients. The Anti Aging Body Serum, loaded with active ingredients, tightens and tones the connective tissue structure. The purpose is to stimulate the metabolism of the connective tissue and to better expel toxins. The high dosage of active ingredients helps to improve skin damaged by cellulite. Collagen formation is improved and the skin’s capacity to store moisture is increased.

The Result. Circulation is stimulated, ensuring more oxygen in the muscles and cells. This in turn increases and accelerates the body’s ability to burn fat. The result is visibly toned skin and tissue that feels even firmer.


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