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04.11.2019 -

Sugar-Based Cleansing

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Thorough cleansing is an absolute must if you want radiant skin. During the day, our skin is exposed to makeup and harmful environmental influences like fine dust. Then the skin’s metabolism and regeneration processes are in full swing overnight, with toxins and other eliminated substances being pushed to the surface from the deeper layers of the skin. This is why you need to treat your skin to a deep cleanse twice a day as a matter of priority.

First off, the consistency of the cleansing product you use isn’t at all important. What really matters is what’s inside it. Surfactants are the main ingredient in the majority of cleansing products. Sugar-based surfactants are extremely effective and thorough yet gentle. They don’t affect the skin’s natural protective acid mantle and they don’t irritate sensitive areas such as the skin around the eyes.


Generally speaking, there are four different types of surfactant: cationic, anionic, amphoteric, and nonionic. And the potential to irritate the skin decreases in that order. In other words, cationic surfactants can severely irritate the skin, while nonionic ones are extremely mild. Sugar-based surfactants fall into the nonionic category. They consist primarily of sugar (glucose) and plant substances such as coconut oil. Names such as coco glucoside and capryl glucoside are given depending on the ingredients making up the sugar-based surfactant.

As well as cleansing effectively, sugar-based surfactants also tick all the boxes when it comes to sustainability.  They are made almost entirely of natural, renewable substances. Being effective, natural, and sustainable, they fit right in with the Susanne Kaufmann values.


All Susanne Kaufmann™ cleansing products are made using premium natural ingredients and effective combinations of plant-based substances. It goes without saying that natural sugar-based surfactants are a big part of this.


All Susanne Kaufmann™ cleansing products have one thing in common: the ability to remove all dirt and makeup from the surface of the skin and penetrate deep into the skin through the pores and take effect there.


Skin tonics are the perfect addition to the cleansing products discussed above. They boost the skin’s antioxidant protection and get it ready for subsequent care. The ‘Tonic soothing’ and ‘Tonic clarifying’ in the Susanne Kaufmann cleansing range nourish and soothe the skin on top of that. 





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